Saturday, November 11, 2017

[Media Invite] Sea and Blue @ Marina Bay Sands

Located at the space previously occupied by Todai, Sea & Blue offers an all-you-can-eat buffet with over 100 items. There's cold seafood counter, attractive mini sushis, thinly sliced sashimi, DIY counter for making your own bibimbap and cold noodles. Then, there's salad counter and cold cuts, grilled Korean BBQ counter and deep fried section to satisfy the need for ebi tempura and vegetable tempuras. The cooked food corner was well stocked with stir fried beef, scallops with sweet peas, sweet sour chicken, chili crabs, fried rice and more. Don't forget to visit the Italian corner for some pizza and cooked upon order pasta.

The shop is at the opposite end of the celebrity restaurants. Made the mistake of walking towards the wrong direction and it'll take quite a while to walk back!

Nevertheless, be amazed by the vastness of space that the restaurant offers. Loved the neon blue wavy lights on the ceiling.

wavy lights
bibimbap and salad counter

Loved the cold mist at the salad counter. Like an open fridge. The leaves were crisp and fresh, and the cherry tomatoes were so good that I made myself a plate of these lovely stuffs. They were great to eat with the grilled beef shortribs from the Korean BBQ counter.

salad bar
cold seafood and sushi
At buffets, as usual, started off with cold seafood. The oysters are unshucked so you'll need to ask the staff to open it for you. No limits to the oyster that you can take. The sashimi were good too. Mussels can skip.

starter plate
of grilled meats and salads
cold cuts, smoked duck and japchae

For the cooked food, once the tray has been emptied out, they might rotate it to another dish. Didn't get a chance to eat the fish maw which Hence said was good, as it was replaced by stir fried beef. So sad.

The cooked food section was quite a gem. Liked the braised pork belly, scallops, sweet sour chicken and chicken soup.

braised pork belly
chili crab

The third plate was all about cooked food. The grilled scallops were better than the one with the sweet pea. Ebi tempura was nice as well. Try the sweet and sour pork. The black pepper beef was a letdown as it was too tough.

favourite pasta

Don't forget the desserts. The strawberries were huge! You could also ask the staff to make a waffle for you.

chocolate coated strawberry

Thank you Sea & Blue for hosting the dinner and the good old folks at HGW for the invite.
Weekday dinner is $58++ while weekend dinner is $68++ per adult.

Sea & Blue

Address: 2 Bayfront Ave #B2-01/01A, Singapore 018972


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