Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Durian Story @ 151 Serangoon North Avenue 2

Hurrah as the durian season is back! Good news is that it will last all the way till the Lunar New Year. But I supposed that's only possible provided we did not go crazy and ate up all the available stocks before that...Who knows.

But while stocks last, we had a sneak peek into the currently available D13, Mao Shan Wang (MSW) and Wang Zhong Wang (WZW).

Would you like to enjoy the king of fruits in a comfortable, air-conditioned and bright cosy place? Hell yes! So, let's head on to The Durian Story located at Block 151 Serangoon Avenue 2. The block is quite long, so this shop is in between of the coffeeshop and the fruits stall.

Owned by passionate young entrepreneurs, and they serve with a big smile and an even bigger heart. Friendly people, so feel free to drop in for a taste or for a chat. However, reservation is encouraged to avoid disappointment. They even have delivery too, so you could enjoy the durians in the comfort of your own home.

in stock
busy cracking open the fruit
ready to be devoured

First taste was the D13. Pale yellowish beige in colour and the most juicy of the lot. However, it packed a good overall sweet taste. Softest in texture and bitterness level was weak and almost non-existent. For people who loved this sweet.


Next up, was the all time familiar 猫山王 (mao shan wang). Bright yellow in colour and smelled so good. Probably could smell it from miles away! Firm skin and intense flavour. Creamy buttery texture that's so finger licking good.

nom nom nom
Saved the best for last, and that'll be the 老树王中王 (Old Tree King of Kings). Encased in a large shell that's faded greenish brown in colour, the colour was an alluring yellow. Similar to mao shan wang in terms of fragrance. Its texture was creamier than mao shan wang and less firm and bitterness level that's higher than mao shan wang, with a lingering aftertaste.

老树王中王 (Old Tree King of Kings)
packing a punch

The innovative folks at The Durian Story will also be coming up with durian ice-cream, targeted to retail next year. So watch out for it!

durian ice-cream

Thank you Jonathan and The Durian Story for hosting the tasting and Jennifer for inviting. Enjoyed the bountiful harvest and meeting of new friends.


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