Saturday, December 2, 2017

SAMA Curry & Cafe SG ( スープカレー SAMA ) @ OUE Downtown

Curry & Cafe SAMA offers the popular soup curry, hailing from Hokkaido Japan. Located at OUE Downtown 2 Gallery Level 2. If you have yet to try soup curry before, why not just head on down to SAMA to have a taste? Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT and OUE Downtown is within walking distance of about 8 minutes.


The shop is clean and spacious, and is open on Saturday as well. Place your order at the counter and choose the mains, then soup base and finally the spice level before making payment. Ice water is complimentary.

order at the counter

I had the shop's top two recommendation of Marathon Chicken with Japanese soup curry base and spice level 18. Any spice level that goes up beyond 15 is required to top-up $1++. I think most of us would go for above level 15 unless you are not a chili-person.

Having experienced the 'spiciness' level of Japanese soup curry in Hokkaido two years back, I've learnt my lesson to just go for mid-range and above. Hence, level 18 is still a safe level to try.

level 15 would be too mild for most of us

After which, feel free to sit any empty spot and the food will be delivered to your table.

how about window seats

The wait was short and the dish arrived within 10 minutes or less. Liked the plate used in serving of the Japanese rice. Portion of rice was not too much and the bowl of soup curry has adequate liquid in it.

Marathon Chicken with Japanese soup curry, served with Japanese rice
soup curry

The Japanese soup curry base has a strong herb aroma and spice level was detectable but it was pleasingly mild. It won't linger and thus makes the soup pretty drinkable. If you are looking for something like chili padi spicy, this is not it.

yummy vegetables

As with its Hokkaido counterpart, the vegetables took centrestage in the soup curry. The potato, green peppers, brinjal and broccoli were well cooked and has a slight smokey char to it. I preferred Soup Curry Lavi's version of the charred vege.

Lovely lava egg though in SAMA's version. The chicken leg was nicely fork tender. All in all, it was decent and definitely filling. This meal costs close to $20. This would be about $5 to $7 more than in Japan as usually the price would be between ¥1000 to ¥1250. Not bad considering we do not need to take airplane to Hokkaido now to enjoy Hokkaido famed soup curry.


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