Thursday, October 13, 2016

Loof Rooftop Bar @ Odeon Towers

Tucked away at Level 3 of Odeon Towers at 331 North Bridge Road, there lies a cool rooftop bar called Loof. Suspected that it's called Loof 'cause pronounced the 'lao hong' (漏风) way so instead of Roof, it became Loof. No idea, but could possibly be true, right?

menu, please

It's menu has fun things in it, tapas style. We ordered Bacon Lollipop, Twisties Charred Corn, Ichiban Fried Lice (yup, that's correct spelling alright) and Loof Original Ramly. Most extravagant single item in the food menu is the Original Ramly @$23++.

view from the top

Ah, and since it is a bar first and foremost, one would keep the tab open by supplying a card.


Yes, not forgetting the drinks. Our teetotaller friends had mocktails while the drinkers had cocktails. Mine was Little Pink Dot, a pinkish concoction served in a lightbulb. It's made of marshmallow gin (first time seeing this!), mandarin rice wine, dark plum, orange, pink grapefruit, egg white and lavender bitters. Overall, it has a slight powdery texture and sweet. Alcohol content, probably on the lower side. It was a rather small bulb after all.

Little Pink Dot @$19++
Jackfruit Bubble Tea @$21++

There's also a MaMa shop once you exit from the lift. Nice retro things. A blast from the past, if you may.

old school biscuits and accessories
my toy when I was a kid

Service was efficient and our food arrived after a short wait. Liked that everything was served at one go. Nice.

[anti-clockwise] Ichiban Fried Lice, Twisties Charred Corn, Lollipop Bacon and Loof Original Ramly 

The fried rice at one glance, did have a whole lot of ebiko loaded and that provided crunchy texture for each bite. Yums! There's sakura shrimp and edamame too. Enjoyable and hey, it's carbs!

Had high hopes for the Twisties Charred Corn as I do have a gold standard that all charred corn now had to match against. The version at Loof was not it, but still nice. Appreciate that the service crew indulged us in our request to have the corn removed from its cob so that the four of us could share it easily.

In terms of value, the fried rice provided a better value at $18++ per plate when compared against the corn.

Twisties Charred Corn @$13++

The Loof Original Ramly was a thick Australian beef patty, wrapped in egg dripping in secret sedap sauce and served with waffle cut truffle fries. But the sauce was rather mild though.

Loof Original Ramly with waffle fries @$23++
patty wrapped in omelette in sedap sauce

The winner in terms of taste with a decision by unanimous collective agreement, was the Bacon Lollipop. Four sticks of succulent juicy, shiny thick pancetta glazed with sweet maple syrup. Salty, so best paired with a drink.

Bacon Lollipop @$16++

Expect to spend about $40++ per pax minimum if you intend to have a cocktail and a bar bite.


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