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[Media Invite] 8 Eight Korean BBQ @ Shaw Centre

It has been so many years since I last dined at Shaw Centre. Sure, once in a while I'd go to the Isetan Supermarket nearby but that's about it. And, was surprised to find out that 8 Eight Korean BBQ had opened another outlet at Shaw Centre. You would've seen lots of reviews on its colourful 8 flavours Mangalitsa Pork BBQ amongst many of the blogs in Singapore.

Located at Level 4 of Shaw Centre, the place was easy to find. The place was fairly relaxed around 7pm but tends to get rather busy around 8+ in the evening. Hence, do make your reservations especially for larger groups to avoid disappointment. Click here to book.


For parents' who'd like to enjoy BBQ here and has a young child with them, no worries as 8 Korean BBQ seemed child friendly with baby chairs available. Plus, the staff will do the BBQ for you so you can tend to your baby.

selection of canned and bottled drinks

Thus far, 8 Korean BBQ is the only place that serves Mangalitsa Pork in Singapore. Mangalitsa or Mangalica? Literature has it that they are both the same. Yes, the modern lit. aka Google. Hmm, anyway...a brief on Mangalitsa. It is a rather hairy breed of pig originating from Hungary. Was breed way back in the 1830s by crossbreeding Hungarian breeds with an European wild boar and Serbian Sumadija breed. What's good with this Mangalitsa breed is that, it doesn't take much for it to survive out there in the harsh weather. And that's good, because not only it is a hardy breed, it also has a high lard producing capacity. Imagine succulent marbled meat...almost as though it was breed for...BBQ! Haha, joking.

Because we can only get Mangalitsa pork for BBQ at this place, it would be a crime not to order one set to try. Besides that, one could also order the mushrooms and squid for the BBQ and some seafood pancake, kimchi cheese fried rice to line the stomach while waiting for the grill action to start. For the stews, there's the usual Budae and Kimchi.

this is not an appetiser - radish to clean the grill

Free-flow side dishes or 반찬 is served for diners to munch on. There were four items; baby potato in sweet soy cane sugar glaze, parboiled spinach, preserved radish and leek.

banchan 반찬

Oh, if you have a bag or handbag and was thinking of whether it'll smell with all the BBQ and stuff, no worries. Simply store your bag into the seat. Lift up the round seat cover of the stool and place your items in there.

bag in
For drinks, I had the plum drink. Was rather diluted though so perhaps Yucha tea would be a better choice.

Korean Plum Juice @$4++

Quite liked the baby potatoes. I think I ate quite a few of those cuties!

baby potato in soy cane sugar glaze
Let's get the grill started and take a look at the foods that'll soon be in our bellies.

fire up!
8 Colours Set  (8 맛 삼겹살) @$98++
Each set comes with kimchi, beansprouts (both placed on the grill), lettuce (for wrap) and seafood bean paste stew.

Wild Mushroom Set (야생 버섯) @$18++
So while those sizzles and cook on the grill, we had our fill of cooked food such as the delicious seafood pancake and the kimcheese fried rice.

Seafood Pancake 해물파전 @$20++

Kimcheese Fried Rice 김치 치즈 볶음밥 @$20 ++
Liked the seafood pancake as the pancake dough had been nicely cooked with just the right thickness. Mix the kimcheese (kimchi and cheese) fried rice with the egg yolk and one gets a nice, moist bowl of tasty carbs.

ready to eat, say kimcheese~
Getting a bit thirsty? Try 8 Korean BBQ's own brew of makgeolli. There's organic brew (Joo brew) and a few slushed with yucha, organic honey or passionfruit.

Passionfruit Makgeolli 열정 과일 막걸리 @$35++
cheers 건배
A jug of the deliciously creamy homebrewed passionfruit makgeolli can be shared amongst 4 pax.

Grilled Squid 구이 오징어 @18++
waiting for the prized pork

As for the pork, here's a playlist of the recordings done. From the 8 Colours Set where one gets 8 flavours of mangalitsa pork, we'll be chomping our way through lighter flavours of original, wine, curry, garlic, miso, herb, kalbi and red pepper paste.

let's eat 먹자!
grilled wild mushrooms

Having had our fill of the meats and the fragrant mushrooms simply grilled with garlic butter, it was then time to cool down with Korean desserts. What comes to mind? Bingsu, of course!

Loved the chocolatey Choco Loco Bingsu. Dig deep and be rewarded with nutella-hazelnut fudgy find. So good!  The Bibimbap Bingsu was very pretty and this was one 'yolk' that will not ooze. Haha!

Choco Loco @$18++
dig in!
Bibimbap Bingsu @$28++

Enjoyable evening spent with good company. Special thanks to 8 Korean BBQ, Joanne, Shaun and their crew for having us and for their hospitality and HGW folks for the invite.

For those celebrating birthdays, perhaps you might want to get onto the Seoul Train?

Seoul Train boarding now


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