Thursday, October 6, 2016

[Media Invite] Montana Singapore @ POMO Selegie Road

Montana always seemed a little different on each visit. Food items being improved appropriately and new items making its appearance, much to the delight of its customers. More choices, why not? Montana knows her clientele well, and this is reflected in the stronger flavours found in the menu. POMO Selegie area is well frequented by young adults and the occassional young at hearts.

inner section

If you are feeling famished or ravenous, then the Braised Beef Cheek with Carrot Kimchi from its brunch menu would be the perfect antidote.

Braised Beef Cheek with Carrot Kimchi @$20.80++

The bowl doesn't look like it's going to be very filling but dig in, slice past that wobbly yolk of the free-range poached egg to find a mound of deliciously smooth potato and sweet potato mash combo underneath it. So velvety smooth when savoured. Then break up the perfectly toasted till crisp and airy wholemeal bread, soak up the juices before wrapping your tongue around it. Mmm. The beef cheek was tender and flavourful, yet not overpoweringly so. Some may find the beef tasting a tad heavy when eaten on its own. Whether eaten on its own, or all together with the carrot kimchi and mash, it's all fine. Tasty stuffs.

If you are a young boy and still growing, then the Miso Brown Butter Linguine would feed you well. It's like a simple pasta dish with a grown up taste. Very likeable strong, creamy and bold flavours. Like a carbonara with a soy butter base. The shimeiji and shitake mushrooms gave it a slight earthy flavour and contrast in texture. Recommended to eat while it is hot!

Miso Brown Butter Linguine @$15.80++

Duck confit is a dime a dozen, but how about Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle? Perhaps, only at Montana! Five spice chicken confit, chives waffles with smoked ginger plum coleslaw and sauce. That smoked ginger plum sauce, my gosh....worked so well with the waffles. Sooo yummy! One gets a whole chicken leg, so there's ample meat, some carbs and some vegetable. It's a balanced meal.

Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle @$16.50++
We tried some burgers during the previous visit and there are new variations now. Fancy a Crab Burger or a Mac Daddy?

One may balk at the heavier price tag for the crab burger but it was really good. A patty that has an appropriate ratio of crab and seafood in it. Bouncy in texture, well seasoned and each bite was a delightful sweet string of flavours.

Crab Burger served with yuzu coleslaw, raisin caper relish and thick cut fries @$24++

Quite a rare find for a good crab burger. Look no further as one could enjoy it at Montana. Also tried the Mac Daddy with its 160g of beef patty and house-made buns. The buns, the soft fluffy sweet buns. Very likeable! Just look at that irregularly shaped beef patty with mac & cheese at the top. Ain't that a pretty picture? Liked that the beef patty is not dried out, moist and slightly spicy. It was just a twitch of a spice. Kind of teasing the taste buds. Nice.

Mac Daddy @$17++

Feeling thirsty? Try the V60 that's not in the menu yet but it was delicious. Brewed with coconut water and cacao, and served warm. Yummy.

V60 (price unknown)

delicious liquid
There's craft beers, wine, ciders, juices, coconut brew, coffee and tea available at Montana. Spoilt for choice!

And, one shall not leave till freakcake is served! You have heard and seen the freakshakes when it was trending in Singapore. Don't remember? Here's some help. Not to worry, the freakcakes at Montana are rather pretty.

The freakcakes are baked fresh daily, in limited quantities and assembled upon order. Waiting time of about 15 to 20 minutes. A freakcake is a single-pax serving portion but it was big enough to be shared amongst two to three pax for desserts. Each cake is $14.80++ and has 5 flavours to choose from; Red Velvet, Matcha Black Sesame, Coffee Kaya Coconut, Caramel Cookie Butter and Smoky Nutella.

Matcha Black Sesame

Black sesame frosting, matcha sponge, matcha buttercream and black sesame glaze. The cake's texture is reminiscent of kek lapis though.

Enjoy the cake with a good cup of piccolo latte. I like the coffee here and the matcha black sesame freakcake. Think I ate most of it!

piccolo latte


If you are a small eater and in a 2 pax group, then I'd recommend for you to share the main course of perhaps either the miso brown butter linguine or the beef cheek, or get a burger each and share the freakcake. Or, get the freakcake and make someone happy by gifting it!

Thank you Montana Singapore, Ying and crew for your hospitality. Great food and great vibes. Special thanks to Justin for your invite.

Other visit:
Tried two other freakcakes on a separate occassion and happy to report that they were all good! My favourite vote still goes to Matcha Black Sesame. You'll never forget your first love.

Smokey Nutella
Coffee Kaya Coconut


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