Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Wine Company @ Dempsey Road

"Ok. Let's go."

That's our usual modus operandi. Impromptu meet-ups. It's been quite a while since last visit to The Wine Company @ Dempsey. They seem to have more service staff now (with at least 2 trainees, that night).  One of the most interesting observation is that this place do employ older employees as well as young and trendy looking ones.


The sky was threatening to rain, but I can't really tell. Weather was hot and humid, and skies darkening. Some tables were marked as 'Reserved' and, it was being reserved for pretty long while! Good for the people who made reservations. Overheard another party that arrived and seemed like their reservation was not found.

wine for you, ma'am?

"Are you very hungry?"
"I'm ok. Not very. Just order lor."

That's how we roll. Really. Hence, we chose appetisers. Fried wings, calamari and bruschetta. Not very filling, but will do. Easily paired with drinks.

dinner for the not very hungry - chicken wings, calamari and bruschetta platter

The bruschetta (@$8.90++) was crispy and had different toppings each. I got a tuna looking one but turned out to be something of a chicken liver pate and the olive tapenade.

The chicken wings, was nice but not quite satisfactory. Its marinade seemed muted for the non-asian taste.

nam yee chicken wings @$9.90++

well-fried calamari @$9.90++

And, one needa have a drink. Got myself a wine cocktail. Came with two overly ripened strawberries. Nice reddish hue though. A ladies' drink.

wine cocktail @$9.90++

Expect to spend about $40+ per pax for drinks and food.


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