Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ma Maison Restaurant @ The Central Clarke Quay

It has been a long while, Ma Maison @ The Central. Last visited in 2011, and recently had a chance to get re-acquainted with the place and the food, once more. Sourcing for a place to dine, and had wanted to try newer places (say, aren't that what we are doing nowadays?) but eventually, decided to drop by Ma Maison. Had always liked its cosy ambiance.

country-styled Japanese interior
nice shade

There were 3 of us, so we got ourselves an appetiser, a soup, 3 mains and a fruit tart to share. Service was quick and friendly.

clam chowder soup @$6.30++
chockful of clams

The clam chowder soup was rather enjoyable. Warm soup to start is always a good idea.

Noted that Ma Maison's cocktails are priced reasonably at less than $10, so got myself a Sangria to try. The bottom of the glass had some kind of syrup (am guessing is fruit syrup), so one got to stir the stuffs in. Sweeter than the usual Sangrias but still nice to sip. Quite good to pair with the fried cheese fritters!

Sangria @$9.50++
cheese fritter @$9.80++
camembert cheese

The cheese fritters were like comfort-food. Familiar like our local fried fritters yet, has the element of western cheese. Served with a honey dip, which we made full-use of. The taste was enhanced when a little honey was applied.

The karubi don arrived in its cast pan, and looked pretty good to eat. Bottom most of the pan consist of rice, layered on top with slices of beef karubi and sauced. Then, topped with various vegetables such as baby corn, asparagus, broccoli, and carrots. Pinched some to eat and the sauce was rather salty. The beef slices were good though. Tender with a slight chew.

カルビ @$24.80++

Another friend ordered the Tonkatsu ala-carte and it arrived looking good. The pork cutlet was of a good sized and served with a small mound of potato salad and a huge pile of shredded cabbage. The cutlet was fried to a golden brown and has quite a good crunch on the crumbed crust.

豚カツ @$16.80++ (ala-carte)
looking rosy

Think this should be the normal loin cut and the meat was rather lean. Has a good firm meat texture and those bits that had some fats, were so good!

I had the Omu Tonteki, which was essentially egg-wrapped fried rice with grilled pork loin slices. The egg was nicely wobbly and soft but unfortunately, the pork was a letdown in terms of texture. It was too tough. Taste wise, it was enjoyable.


Lastly, ended the night with something sweet; a mixed fruit tart. Depending on availability on that day.

all the best to MH!

On Mondays, all ladies will get to enjoy 20% off for ala-carte orders. However, there are many items that do not fall under this ala-carte category, hence, you might want to clarify with the service staff first.

bring this to the cashier to make payment

Expect to spend about $40 per pax for a 2-course meal with a shared dessert.


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