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Dose Cafe @ 139 Tyrwhitt Road

Been here twice, and this place has a comfortable, homely vibe. Was brought to Dose Cafe by Kris (@msginginly) not too long ago, as a few of us was looking for a coffee place in the vicinity after a heavy brunch.

Dose Cafe offers a quiet cosy sanctuary and serves up quite the perfect cup of mocha, in my humble opinion. It is located at 139 Tyrwhitt Road, opposite of Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee. If you're getting there by taxi/car, and taxi uncle do not know about CSHH then direct uncle to Jalan Besar Stadium as one of the more prominent landmark in that area.

Look out for the Dospa (Dose Vespa=Dospa?), that brown coloured decorative vespa made of rattan that's parked right in front of the cafe. Dospa was easier to spot as its sign at the glass door may not be obvious from a distance.

entrance to Dose Cafe and lookout for the Dospa

There are indoor and outdoor tables, with a combined capacity of about 30 to 40 pax. I'd prefer the air-conditioned cool indoors as opposed to the humid hot outdoors, especially during these recent weeks.

table for two
most often, we seated ourselves at this long table that fits 6 to 8 adults
another vespa spotted in the shop

Every cafe, and every business owners' have their own story to tell. Dose is owned by three siblings and you will likely catch at least one of them at the cafe, everyday except for Tuesdays when the cafe rests. On our visits, we had either Jacky or their Sunday barista (@just_love_coffee)  preparing our coffees. Jacky is one of the siblings who started Dose, and these siblings are doing their part to fulfill their grandfather's dream of owning a business of their own.

signboard handcrafted by the owners' grandfather
Jacky, looking serious while preparing our coffee

On a superbly hot afternoon, I'd prefer an icy cold blast of latte. On cooler days, a cup of orange mocha to tickle the palate.

iced latte @$7++
orange mocha

Am liking the mocha here a tad too much, me thinks. Balance between choco and coffee was good, and that orange mocha is reminiscent of those Van Houten's thin orange chocolate wafers. These things that kids from the 1980s might know. Try the orange mocha at Dose and let me know what you think.

For matcha lovers, you could order the Matcha Latte. And, if you'd like something new, do ask for the Black Latte.  Not too worry, the Black Latte tasted as good as the usual latte, but carries the additional benefits that charcoal gives.

Matcha Latte @$6++
Black Latte @$6++

Feeling a tad peckish? We were and tried the spicy drumlets as snacks. Rather good and served piping hot with thai chili sauce. Yums!

lovely bouquet of hot & spicy drumlets @$9.90++

For something more substantial, we heard that their all-day-breakfast is pretty popular. However, on Wednesdays, they offer Chili Crab Linguine for just $13.90++. If you think that is the best part yet, no. On weekdays lunch hour (and on Wednesdays for a choice of Spicy Chili Crab Linguine), you can order up their combo set lunch for just @$12.90++, and get a drink on the house. Wow!

Chili Crab Linguine @$13.90++

Was hosted to a meal at Dose to try out the Chili Crab Linguine, and while it was not the best that I had, it was good value for money. The pasta was nicely cooked and well-seasoned. Tasty on its own but better when having it with the chili crab sauce. Spice level was comfortable and its heat was not sweat inducingly hot. Plenty of sauce to go with the noodles, and some left to be scooped up by the pumpkin mantous.

nice flavours

For those who has low tolerance towards spices, a glass of iced latte will definitely help to put out the fire. As usual, the chili crab sauce has a sweetish, spicy savoury approach. Shared this with Kris and with the aide of a bowl of those finger-licking good hot & spicy drumlets, we felt quite full by the end of the meal.

help yourself with the water, sauces and paper napkins

Oh, have I mentioned that Dose Cafe has free wifi? No? Now you know. Weather outside too hot and you're nearby? Come in for a short respite. Enjoy a cup coffee and a slice of cake during tea-time (3pm to 5pm daily) for just $10++. The cakes are on display at the counter and depends on what's available for that day.

rainbow cake slice
other cakes

We also spied other table ordering the Wafflelicious Yin-Yang @$14.90++ with 2 scoops of ice-cream. Looked pretty good too. Perhaps, next time.

Overall, Dose Cafe offers a small cosy hideout with free wifi, music and personable service. Decent coffee and must-try mocha, with reasonably priced tasty food.

Expect to spend about $20 per pax for a main course and a drink on weekends.

Good news for my readers. For a time-limited promo, show this "Purple Taste" post to Dose Cafe and get a 10% discount off ala-carte food and drinks (even on weekends!). This promotion is not applicable to any other ongoing promotions in the shop or to combo set meals.

Also, don't forget to try your luck in a store organized contest. Here's a picture of the contest:
more information at Dose Cafe FB page

Peace out and excuse me, while I chill with some reads and a cup of coffee.

browse-a-mag, with a cup of Miloso (Milo and Espresso YuanYang @$6++)

Thank you Jacky for spending time with us and Kris for recommending this potential hangout place.

Dose Cafe on social media:
Instagram: @dose_tyrwhitt



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