Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[Media Invite] Lin "林" Rooftop Bar @ Link Hotel Tiong Bahru

Was invited by fellow makan kaki, Hence, to try Lin Rooftop Bar at Link Hotel located in Tiong Bahru. Never been there before, so went online to search for some information and of course, to get directions to the place. The only other rooftop bar that I've been to, was way back in 2014. Read about it here.

at level "R" of Link Hotel
all the specials

Happy Hours are from 5pm to 8pm daily, where their Asian cocktails go for $12 nett per glass and a half pint of draught beer goes for $6 nett. Ladies night happens on Thursdays where one could enjoy daiquiri or margarita just $10 nett.

terracotta in da house
table for two

Went to check out its bar, and ordered a drink to accompany the food. Was quite intrigued by Spirited Away (vodka, strawberry liquer and lychee syrup) but Roy recommended Rustic Sky as one of Lin's popular choice. Ok, can do too.

But first, he made an off-menu drink; a mocktail that tasted like lemon tea but with a twist.

Asian Lemon Tea mocktail
Rustic Sky, coming right up!
(right to left) Asian Lemon Tea and Rustic Sky (rum, sour plum, lime juice)

I like sour plum, so quite liked the Rustic Sky cocktail. Get it for $12 nett during Happy Hour, otherwise $18++. Not strong on the onset, but gradually hits you when it was almost towards the end of the glass.

When in a bar, eat bar food. Yup, how about a basket of beer battered luncheon meat with cheese center? Hot from the fryer and served with a honey mustard dip. Did not feel too greasy, and luncheon meat was somewhat moist but not much of cheese flavour though. A nice snack to start.

Lin "林" Dynasty @$10.80++

Also tried the Wu Xiang Pop, which was really popcorn chicken bites tossed with five-spiced powder, deep fried till crisp and served with Sriracha sauce. Quite addictive to pop one after the other into the mouth. Thought it would be awesome with pork belly version.

Wu Xiang Pop @$9.80++

For more substantial food, order the mains. Ever heard of Juicy Lucy? Beef burger served with a huge mound of shoestring fries (seasoned with five-spiced powder) and coleslaw.

Juicy Lucy Beef Burger @$18.80++
streaky bacon, melted cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, some rockets

homemade juicy beef patty

The burger has all the essential ingredients but it was a tad too salty for my liking, unfortunately. The five spice in the fries was too mild to be detected. Wondered if curry would work better?

The pasta was enjoyable, with the spaghetti done al-dente, tossed with lots of black pepper and some chilies and has a slightly sweetish sauce to it.  The sauce did scream Asian flavours! The slices of smoked duck was more than generous.

Asian Smoked Duck Pasta @$14.80++

Thought the food prices are rather reasonable and of good portions. Drinks prices are quite attractive during Happy Hours. Nice place to unwind, and not too crowded on Thursdays. Didn't get to try their marinated pork belly or also known as "Babe", as this item is usually prepared in limited portions. Just our luck that this was already sold out on our day of visit.

Thank you Roy, Lin Rooftop Bar for hosting us, and the friendly crew for your service.Thank you Hence for the invite!

Here are some sources of information on Lin:
Instagram: @linrooftopbar


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