Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Marmalade Pantry @ Oasia Hotel

Taking over the space formerly occupied by Zaffron, The Marmalade Pantry (TMP) at Oasia Hotel is a well-liked lunch destination for the corporate crowd.

Was there recently, and got to try a few more items. One complaint though. Why did they make the font on the menu so darn small and the lighting so dim... Woes of turning older.

Ordered a couple of items to share. Let's try the breads; The Marmalade Club Sandwich of honey baked ham, roast chicken, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and were there dried cranberries or raisins? Served, with sweet potato fries with chili and ketchup dips.

The Marmalade Club Sandwich @ $22++

Those whom had dined at The Marmalade Pantry before, recommends pasta. TMP has six pasta options currently, but only two for risottos.

Seared Scallop and Prawn @ $25++
Truffle Field Mushroom Risotto @ $24++
Spicy Crabmeat @ $24++

The spicy crabmeat pasta was done al-dente with just enough sauce. The flavour was not as intense as the chili crab pasta which was had at another place recently, but I liked the addition of those pine nuts.

At The Marmalade Pantry, the desserts section made up of about half of its menu. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, and puddings. Take your pick!

For us, we tried the Dessert Platter which was shared amongst four pax. The platter was made up of five mini items. A normal-sized dessert of the same individual item costs about $14++ each.

Dessert Platter @ $28++

Must try the Pear Bread Pudding, which is a variation of bread and butter pudding. The contrast of flaky buttery pastry, which encased a soft bread-like pudding sitting atop of the sea salt caramel sauce which had just the right amount of sweetness.

mini chocolate pudding close up
Another item which I liked, was the sticky date pudding. Pretty much sweeter than the pear bread pudding, with a bouncy texture with intense dates flavour.

mini lemon brulee tart, mini eton mess and mini sticky date pudding

Actually everything on the dessert platter was very likeable. The right size as a sampler. Downside was that it took quite a while to arrive.

Expect to spend about $50 per pax.


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