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Kinsa Sushi @ HillV2 Bukit Timah

Was invited for a tasting session at Kinsa Sushi, located at HillV2. HillV2 is a shopping mall, located at Hillview Rise. Kinsa Sushi aims to bring affordably priced Japanese dining to the heartlands.

kaiten sushi counter
imported seafood

Kinsa Sushi will be running a Mother's & Father's Day promo from 10 May till 30 June 2015. The theme of the promo are of oysters and salmon.

promo menu

Let's take a look at the Salmon Set (for 2 pax) @$59.90++.

Salmon and Roe with Japanese Yam (@$6.90++ ala-carte)
Salmon with Butter (@$11.90++ ala-carte)
Deep Fried Salmon (@$9.90++ ala-carte)
Salmon with Ikura Sushi (right)

The salmon with ikura sushi (鮭(さけ親子すし) was lovely. Simple in looks, goodness in taste. Loved the bursts of flavours from the egg globules.

鮭(さけ親子すし (2 pcs @$13.90++ ala-carte)

The main course for the meal, is the Salmon and Vegetable Hotpot (Ishikari Nabe). Tasty broth, plenty of vegetables and salmon belly simmering gently. Nice. My mom will like this.

Salmon and Vegetable Hotpot (@16.90++ ala-carte)

Next up, let's have a peek at the Oyster Set (for 2 pax) @$69.90++.

Oyster with Ponzu Sauce (@$7.90++ ala-carte)
Oyster Sushi (@$15.90++ 2 pcs ala-carte)
Grilled Oyster and Cheese ($12.90++ 2 pcs ala-carte)
Deep Fried Oyster with Shiso Leaf (@$13.90++ 3 pcs ala-carte)

Oysters were imported from Hokkaido, and fresh oysters eaten simply with ponzu sauce had a clean feel to it. Grilled oysters in cheese was saltishly good and probably best to be eaten, with a small sip of sake.

My favourite oyster style, had to be the Kaki Kaori Age or deep fried oyster with shiso leaf. Mild herb taste and freshly fried with luscious juicy oyster. Yums.

Similar to Salmon Set, Oyster Set too came with a hotpot full of vegetables and the delicate oysters. Soup base tasted very similar, with the salmon hotpot made slightly richer by the good oils from salmon belly.

Oyster and Vegetable Hotpot (@$24.90++ ala-carte)

If you're not a salmon nor an oyster fan, fret not. There's still plenty of options to choose from Kinsa Sushi.

How about giving its signature Wagyu Don a try? Slices of tender beef, accompanied by a lovely wobbly onsen tamago and drizzled with sweetish savoury sauce, now doesn't that sound exciting?

Wagyu Don @$24.80++

Break the egg, and let it flow~, let it flow~ Gosh, how corny was that *gasp*. Hahaa!


Then, mix it all up and let the soft flowy yolk covers every single grain of the rice.

mix it up

Very likeable bowl of SooGyu Don, of wagyu A4 grade from Kagoshima. A taste of luxury, brought closer to home.

interesting tea pot

Ended our meal with black sesame mochi balls, which was enjoyable and slightly chewier than usual. Goes well with the green tea.

congregation of mochi balls
anatomy of mochi

Thanks to Shannon for hosting the dinner, and Hence for the invite. Much appreciative to Hazel for lending her hand for one of the pictures.

Kinsa Sushi @ HillV2

Address: 4 Hillview Rise, HillV2 #02-02, Singapore 667979
Tel: +65 67107278


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