Sunday, May 3, 2015

Girls' Just Wanna Have Fun! @ I'M KIM Korean BBQ | Cash Studio Cuppage

It was after office hours, and where to go? The singles have gathered and off we went to treat ourselves to a good meal. Since most places will be super duper crowded, we made reservations at I'M KIM Korean BBQ, located near SOTA. They do not have online reservation, so had to call their telephone. Had to call multiple times though, before someone picked up.

Dining there has a two-hour limit, to ensure that all guests had a chance at the buffet. Was informed at the point of payment that they had increased the price with an extra 90 cents charged per head. One pax for dinner buffet (2 hours) is about $29.30.

From observation, walk-ins are still possible if you're there before 7pm. The place gets really crowded around 730pm. Seems popular with young adults. 

at 7pm

Tried sikhye, traditional sweet Korean rice beverage. Free-flow from the drinks dispenser. Enjoyable drink on a warm humid night. They also have unsweetened roasted barley, mango drink or plain water.

sikhye 식혜

For this place, the cuts of meat were a plenty. From the porky section; pork collar (spicy, non-spicy), bacon, belly. Then, the beefy section; sirloin, short-ribs and thinly sliced meat. For chicken, they have volcano chicken (not that spicy la) and garlic-chicken.

let the grill begin~
taste enhancers

While waiting for the food to cook, help yourselves to the cooked food section. Japchae, chicken wings, nuggets, and soups. If you take beef, give its radish beef soup a try. Familiar and agreeable taste.

chicken wings

The soy marinated deep fried wings make a good beer food. Sweetish, savoury and some bits crunchy. But a bit of disclaimer since I'm biased towards wings anyway.

have some kimchi first

There wasn't anyone to clear the used plates for the first half hour. Our grill plate got changed once during our two-hours there.

The pork belly was leaner than expected. Beef was good and tasty, but towards the end of the meal, the winner was volcano chicken. Thigh meat with some skin on, marinated with mild spices, grilled till slight char equates to tasty bites.

Wrap those meat with fresh lettuce (which gets cleaned out pretty fast, by the way), fresh garlic and kimchi, and yeah, that's how we rolled.

hello there, delicious 고기

Wash it down with a small bowl of warm radish beef soup. So good.

Two hours later, and with super full belly, we adjourned to our next stop. Vocal exercise!

Someone recommended Cash Studio Cuppage, so off we went... smelling like the BBQ-aftermath that we were.

Had to wait though even though we had booked the room. First time at Cash Studio, and boy, the room was interesting.

disco lights
standing mic

Songs selection and controls made through mobile phone-app? That's new for me. Had to download the app from App Store, and connect it to the room's wifi before the songs can be selected. The room doesn't have any remote!

The downside was that the app hangs sometimes and one need to have a charged-phone or have charger cables. To loan a cable, they will take hold of your NRIC which will then be returned when the charging cable is returned. I think that was rather unnecessary. If the cable is not returned, simply charge the cost of the cable into the room price.

need room wifi password

Songs selection were adequate. Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Malay and Japanese songs available. Drinks were of canned variation with one canned drinks included in the package price. Three-hour package for 5 pax costs about $22 per pax. And, yes, guests are required to leave on the dot when time is up.


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