Friday, May 29, 2015

Gyu Kaku @ Novena Square

Gyu Kaku is known for its meat BBQ, and having had it once at AnchorPoint, the meats were delicious. However, not wanting to risk smelling like BBQ, we forwent the grill (though it was utmost tempting with price points below $30 for lunch) and gotten donburi sets instead.

The weekday value lunch sets has just 5 options with prices ranging from $9++ to $15++. My colleague chose the buta kimchi while I went with the beef sogi.

Beef Sogi set came with mid sized bowl of rice topped with beef and tendon cubes, all fighting for space with a wobbly softboiled egg and some gari (pickled young ginger). It also has kimchi and salad on the side and a bowl of kelp soup.

beef sogi set @$12++
break the egg, mix it up

The rice bowl became super moist after mixing the runny yolk. The beef cubes tasted mild and pleasant. Loved the soft tendons. Lunch was pretty filling. Salad was good, with minimal dressing and the greens were crunchy.

Had a side order of beef croquette but it turned out meh. Not much taste and it was oily.

beef croquette

Plain water is chargeable at Gyu Kaku.


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