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Shinkei Japanese Restaurant @ Toa Payoh

If you are not familiar with Toa Payoh, then there is a high chance that you might not be able to find this restaurant easily. Knew that this place is near Toa Payoh Library but its address of Block 600, threw me off-track as the nearby blocks were numbered as 183, 190 etc. So, if you are heading here for the first time, head towards Toa Payoh Library and at one of its corner, you will see large white tent-like canopy with benches for folks to rest, and in-front of those, you will find Block 600.

It's been quite a while since I last had any ala-carte Japanese buffet.

ala-carte buffet menu

The item portions are per-pax portion, so do indicate to the service crew on the quantity required. Besides the buffet items, do look-out for the Chef Specials usually dished out during festivities. The menu may also have an insert which states the current on-going Specials. Some do require additional top-up.

Seasonal Specials

The restaurant is quite spacious and there are private rooms as well.


Let's start with the food. Usual practice, a round of sashimi moriawase (mixed sashimi platter).

sashimi moriawase 刺身盛合せ - 5 pax portion

The platter comprises of tai (snapper), hamachi (yellowtail), salmon, maguro (tuna), mekajiki (swordfish), tako (octopus) and ika (squid). Note that ika and mekajiki are not available for lunch. My recommendation would be salmon (belly, if available) and hamachi. Skip the snapper.

assorted sushi

If you need to have rice, the suggestion is to skip the sushi and go straight the makimono section.

spider maki
California maki with apple sauce
Special item: Ebi tempura maki with mayo

Enjoyed the California maki with the sweet apple sauce and the special ebi tempura maki. Loved the still crispy prawn tempura within the maki.

Shinkei has temaki as well, if you fancy one.

spider maki handroll

Next up, fried food from the Agemono section.

Age Gyoza

The ebi tempura was enjoyable.


One of the items that I'd usually order at an ala-carte Japanese buffet, would be the gyu yakiniku or stir fried beef.
gyu yakiniku

 Portion was manageable. Liked the flavours but the meat was a little tough with
 the ligaments. A bit oily too but otherwise, a good dish that goes well with a glass of cold beer.

Orion beer (additional charges for drinks)

For yakitori, we tried the chicken heart and buta kare. The hearts were sliced and maintained a chewy texture. Not amongst the best, but it was adequate.

tori hatsu (chicken heart)
buta kare (pork marinated with curry)

The buta kare is one that can easily be categorized as must eat. Excellent execution of the meat with the right balance between fats and leans. However, it can do without the curry marinade.

Had a couple of Chef's Special too.

tuna tataki
oysters from Japan

Liked the Japanese oysters. Big plump ones, yum.

To end the meal, one could get the Hokkaido ice-cream (with extra cost). Sweet, cold and creamy.

Hokkaido ice-cream matcha flavour

If you are around the vicinity for lunch and feels like having Japanese but not buffet, fret not. Shinkei has lunch sets that starts from an affordable $10 to $20++.

Special thanks to Anderson for hosting the tasting and to HGW for the invite.

Shinkei Japanese Restaurant

Address: 600 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01-06/07/10, Singapore 319515
Contact: (65) 3158 8527


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