Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old Man Restaurant 老吔海鲜饭店 @ Taman Kajang Impian (Sungai Chua)

Dinner with family, aunties, cousins and nieces. Ventured to a new place as the usual one at Bukit Mewah had ceased their evening zhichar operation apparently.

The Old Man's restaurant is spacious and diners can opt for upstairs dining as well. With elderly folks, naturally we won't be climbing any stairs.

You can bring your own bottle here but am not sure what's the corkage fee as the dinner was sponsored by cousins. At other places in Kajang, the corkage is RM8.

Had purchased an Argentinian Malbec a couple of days ago from Giant supermarket for RM38. An impromptu buy as I kind of like the taste of Malbec which is smooth, gentle with some spice.

Argentian red

Passed it to the restaurant staff, and voila; wine bottle in an ice-bucket.

just chilling for now

Colour was deep ruby and tasted fine though it had a bit of dregs in its bottom half. Nice and drinkable.

tofu soup with tiny shrimps
The soup texture was reminiscent of 酸辣汤 (sour spicy soup) but without the sour and spicy part. Eaten with a dash of black vinegar.

tummy warmer

In Malaysia, seems like we always order the '4 heavenly kings' or 四大天王. The version here has french beans, okra, brinjal and petai. It's like légume du jour.

4 heavenly kings of greens

egg furong 芙蓉蛋

The egg furong has diced char siew, onions and some tiny shrimps in it. But the omelette was so flat and a tad burnt.

The steamed tilapia was good. Big enough portion for 13 pax, yet the meat was so soft and silky.

steamed tilapia with minced ginger

quick fry mixed vegetables

The other vegetable dish with lotus roots was tasty. The celery and lotus roots were crunchy.

Simple dinner with family, a gathering of cousins and nieces. Till next year, take care.


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