Thursday, February 26, 2015

Home Cooked Porridge

How do you prefer your porridge or congee to be done? My preference is towards smooth congee but not till its so gooey that it looked like glue.

My mom and sis prefers to have it with lots of garnishes including fried taukwa dices, chopped spring onions, deep fried bee hoon and the fragrant fried onion oil.

At home, we called this type of porridge as "有味粥" in Cantonese as it has been adequately seasoned and flavoured, usually by the pork and chicken that is cooked together with the rice.

tasty smooth chicken and pork porridge without garnishes
plenty of side-kicks to choose from
Voila! Yummy, tasty congee

Usually, I'll have the 有味粥 plain, with chopped spring onions. Comfort food.


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