Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gan Yakitori 岩やきとり @ Star Vista Part II

Visited again and this time round to try its yakitori. And my first Yamazaki whiskey.

Yamazaki Single Malt 12yrs with Iceball @ $13++

Take a sip of this light golden coloured liquid and leave it to linger for a while on the palate. Smooth with woody aroma. An unhurried drink to savour. Why whiskey? Partly because my friend loves it, and it made me curious. Of course, Suntory was also recently awarded the Distiller of the Year 2014. Perhaps next round, will try Hibiki 17 yrs.

Had the counter seat again, and at dinner time, there was plenty of grill action. Seems like Chef likes to say "はやくう!" Keke.


Meanwhile, got a complimentary plate of きゃべつ (cabbage) with kara miso dip.The cabbage was crunchy and the miso was sweetish saltish and addictive.

無料です cabbage with kara miso dip

As and when Chef had done up your plate, he'll hand it to you if you're at the counter.

しおはつ chicken hearts @$2.80++
たれねぎま chicken with leeks @$2.80++

Super love the chewy chicken hearts (with salt) and the negima (in sauce). But gosh, they were tiny. Luckily, there was raw cabbage to munch on.

あかむつ Dry Red Rock Fish @$8++

The fish was rather small. Much much smaller than an ayu fish (sweetfish). Most likely panfried as I didn't see it being grilled.

soft white flesh

Skip the fish and use the money to have rice or more yakitoris.

There's a 20% discount on drinks at the moment, so the total cost was about $29.

Horioka-san was there and he would ensure that your food had all arrived. The fish took forever to come and he pottered over to the kitchen to fetch it.

ごちそさまでした, ありがと!


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