Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gan Yakitori 岩やきとり @ Star Vista

Was kind of fun walking around Star Vista aimlessly and just looking at things. Found a shop selling The Sims 4. So tempting. Interesting shops include a newly opened fish market (albeit a small one), J-Mart for Japanese foodstuff and Sol-Mart for Korean foodstuff.

Then, it was time for lunch. So went up to Level 2, to try Gan Yakitori's meal sets. Was ushered to the counter seats by Horioka-san.

meal sets choices
Settled for the Hamachi Tamamisoyaki set. It's a no frills set with fish, egg soup, salad and a side that I couldn't recognize from the menu picture.

today's special

at the counter

Pleasantly surprised when an o-shibori was offered by the efficient service staff. A nice gesture indeed.

o-shibori おしぼり

Had a pint of iced cold Sapporo draft to quench thirst while watching the Japanese chef works his grill.

Sapporo draft beer @ $6.40++ (Usual price $8++)

The alcoholic drinks menu looked pretty extensive with sake, sochu and whiskey. Perhaps I'd try a glass of  Yamazaki next time.

part of the drinks selection
Chef and his grill
The yakitori course meal (fixed items) for one pax starts from $38++ , which yields about 5 or 6 yakitori sticks and some other things like appetisers, oden (2 pieces) and a small bowl of noodles.

Was pretty hungry by the time the food arrives. Oh, the other side dish was a pasta item.

Hamachi Tamamisoyaki Set @ $13.50++
The pasta was tasty with the bacon bits in it. Salad for some greens intake and soup to warm the tummy. But the egg drop soup was rather bland.

pasta with bacon bits
egg drop soup

The star of the dish ought to be the fish. It looked pretty good with all the oil glistening but unfortunately was overcooked, resulting in mostly tough texture. Only the parts nearer to the skin was slightly softer. Should have ordered the unagi instead.

firm meat

All in all, the meal cost $24 per pax with one mug of beer. If only the fish was softer, it would have been quite perfect.


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