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PAUL Boulangerie et Pâtisserie Français @ Marina Bay Link Mall

Located at Marina Bay Link Mall, Marina Boulevard. It's easier to access via Raffles Place MRT, or Downtown MRT than Bayfront MRT.

PAUL first came to our shore in 2012, with its flagship store at Takashimaya and since then, it has grown to a total of 5 outlets with another one coming soon in December this year.

Was invited to try PAUL's new menu which was launched not too long ago. The Marina Bay Link Mall area was actually pretty quiet on a weekend morning. Hence, this would make a great place to dine if you prefer a quiet environment.

shop front
which one to choose?

Asked a little girl what would her choice be, and she pointed to the macarons. Such a cutie!

colourful macarons

Lunch begins at noon, so we adjourned to our tables.

in the restaurant

For the hungries, a small bread basket was served along with soft butter, imported from France.


PAUL was established in 1889 in the city of Croix, near Lille in Northern France. Celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, one can enjoy traditional rustic taste of France when one dines at PAUL.

What's in its new menu, you asks? There are 26 new items and we sampled 6. Here we go:

Salade de la mer @$20.90

Plate was visually appealing. Loved the colours. Sweetness of the grapefruit really bursts forth and the cooked prawns were firm and yums.

Next up, Tartine boeuf. Rustic bread with crispy edges, topped with sweet caramelized onions, herbed cream cheese and a tender slice of sirloin steak cooked medium. Gone in two bites. Enjoyable.

Tartine boeuf @$19.90

For mains, one could try the classic Confit de canard (duck confit).

Confit de canard @$28.90

Herb marinated leg of duck, that required two days of preparation and 4 hours of cooking. Fork tender, a tad salty at first, but the sweet cranberry sauce managed to balance it out.

Otherwise, a cold drink from the menu might do the trick as well.

Iced tea of the moment @$7.50
lemongrass iced tea @$7.50

According to the staff, the lemongrass iced tea is this outlet's current bestseller amongst all the iced teas.

Back to the mains, we also tried the Longe de thon (tuna loin).

Longe de thon @$29.90

Nicely pink, with a good sear around its sides and adequately salted. Cranberry sauce was outstandingly sweet and well complimented by the slight hint of spice in the peppers. Zucchini was well cooked and rather juicy. Nice.

Moving on to desserts, I had a coffee that could qualify as desserts as well! Café glace, which had a whole scoop of icy cold deliciously creamy vanilla gelato swimming in coffee. It was like having an affagato with more coffee to drink. I like.

Café glace @$10.90

For desserts, we had a huge tower of waffles; Gaufre avec glace (waffles with ice-cream).

waffles with ice-cream @$13.90
another angle

The waffles were seriously crispy! Waffles and ice-cream, what's not to like?

However, do save some space for Eclair Paris-Brest.

Eclair Paris-Brest @$7.50

This traditional choux pastry with hazelnut cream and the crunchiest of hazelnuts, is a must-eat. Yup. Try it. Best to share it with a friend (or not!)

Special thanks to all the friendly people from PAUL, and not forgetting Hsu Lin, Sheryl and Rachel. Thank you for the lovely lunch and it was a great introduction to PAUL's new menu.

The new menu is available at all PAUL's outlets in Singapore. Starting Nov 20th, do look out for PAUL's new jams; strawberry and apricot. An idea for Christmas gift, perhaps?


Location: Marina Bay Link Mall, B2-07 8A Marina Boulevard (please refer to its website for more locations)


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