Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Clifford Pier @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

Located at Fullerton Bay Hotel (the main building). Enter through the doors and walk straight. Dinner service doesn't start till 630pm, hence you won't be seated till then.

hotel lobby
The Clifford Pier

It's a cosy place on a wet evening.

hello world
feels like high tea

There was this bowl of crackers on the table, so we started munching on those while perusing the menu.


For starters, we chose one that had everything and replaced the kong bak bao with popiah.

kueh pie tee, popiah and satay

Liked the beef satay best. What can I say? I'mma meatarian!

skinny satay

For mains, one could do local or fusion, or western. The online menu is slightly different from the printed ones, so am not sure what's the exact name for this noodle dish that my colleague chose but I'll call it 'kong bak' pasta.

kong bak pasta
flowy egg

Had only tried lobster roll once, so decided to try the version here.

salad, lobster roll, truffle fries
close up of half a lobster
It was pretty tasty. Liked the small chunks that aint too tiny. Well dressed salad, and crispy truffle fries. Likeable.

One cannot shy away from desserts when one is with a group of ladies.

bourbon profitteroles
key lime pie

pulut hitam

The pulut hitam was tasted first, and it was lacking in the sweets department. Bourbon profitteroles was refreshing as it has ice-cream sandwiched within and choco sauce poured all over. Yum.

Glad that we ordered the key lime pie. As with any merringue, it was really sweet. The lime part of it was tangy sharp and the combination of those was good.

Expect to spend about $60 per pax without drinks.


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