Wednesday, November 12, 2014

La Barca Ristorante & Wine Bar @ Goodman Arts Centre

Located within Goodman Arts Centre, which is off Fort Road and Mountbatten Road on the East Coast.  For location and parking, please refer to this link:

This place is one for special occassions. Was there to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. Reservation was easy via Hungrygowhere's online reservation system. Confirmation was pretty immediate.

As with any celebration, there is a need for some wine. Birthday girl likes prosecco, hence we had that.

Prosecco @$70++
Happy Birthday!

Once orders were placed, out came the complimentary breads, alongside with butter.


Such cute looking breads. The larger one seemed to have cocoa. It helped to keep the hunger at bay while we waited for the mains. Similarly, ordered a Pizza Prosciutto to share.

Prosciutto Pizza @$28++

The pastas arrived within 20 minutes. Portions was slightly dainty for a main course.

Fresh Homemade Green Angel Hair Pasta, Baked with Fresh Milk Cream, Prawns, and Baby Spinach @$32++
Venetian-style Risotto Mantecato with Cuttlefish, in Cuttlefish Ink @$32++
Fresh Homemade Pecorino-filled Tortelli with Parmesan Cream and Seasonal Truffles @$42++

All the pastas were good. The one that stood out, was the Tortelli Truffle. It was completely enveloped in cheese and one bite into these babies, first thought was "Soooo good!" But, there were only so few of it. Only managed to grab half a piece... =(

The Angel Hair Pasta was nicely creamy (but not heavy) and pleasant with the spinach. Prawns were succulent and fresh. Risotto was well-cooked and not too salty.

For meats, we had seabass fillet and pork shank.

Seabass fillet @$40++
Braised Pork Shank in Chef’s Special Sauce with Mushrooms and Potatoes @$40++

While the pastas generated quite a buzz within our group, the meat dishes were just alright. Seabass fillet was light and mild, while the pork shank was quite a rustic dish, with earthy flavours.

Added another order for a 1kg Florentina and we were duly informed that the cooking time for this dish was about half hour. Fine with us, as this meant we had more time to chit-chat and to catch up. =)

This place offers wine of the month for both red and white at about $55 per bottle, so we decided to try the red to complement the red meat.

Wine of the Month (red) @$55
ruby red, pleasantly smooth with a bit of spice and mature tannicity

The Florentina is done medium rare, using Australian beef from Rangers Valley.

Traditional Fiorentina Served with Roasted Potatoes @$13 per 100gms (min. 1kg, 2 pax)

Cannellini Beans with Sage and Fresh Chilli

I think we didn't care much for the beans. Beef was tender and has good flavours, especially for those done medium rare and with a bit of fats. The parts that were more of medium doneness, was pretty chewy.

close up on the meat

Service staff was pleasant and helpful.

La Barca is currently one of the participating merchants of the Entertainer App 2014, and we were able to redeem the 1-for-1 main course deals here. Sweet.

This place is suitable for special occassions and the occasional indulgence.


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