Monday, November 24, 2014

Shi Li Fang Hotpot - Revisited @ Orchard Central

Made reservations for early dinner on a Sunday evening. By 8pm, the place was rather packed.

Not sure why we were recommended the big pot when there's just two of us. Made more economical sense to get individual pots.

3-Soup Pot (三格大锅) @$11.80++
Chose the mushroom, chicken tonic and fish soup. Surprisingly, the chicken and fish soup was rather bland that night while mushroom was more flavourful.

As with first visit, crispy fish skin is the must-order. Place it inside the soup and wait till it softens. Order this item with tofu/vege for just $3.50++.

fish skin (炸鱼皮), napa cabbage (大白菜) @$3.50 (for 2 items)

Have tried squirrel fish before but guessed this was my first, in trying squirrel fish head. A tad too skinny though. Mostly bones.

squirrel fish head (松鱼头) @$5.60++

How can one not have meat? Ordered the rib-eye to try. The sliced meat was leaner than depicted in its menu.

rib-eye (牛眼肉) @$13.20++

If you ask me, the vote still goes to fresh superior beef. Look at those fats! However, portion seemed slightly lesser and the price has been revised upward of $2++.

fresh superior beef (雪花肥牛) @$18.80++

Also ordered some seafood this time round. Recommended is the fresh prawns and scallops. Prawns half-serving is 3 pieces, while scallops one serving is also 3 pieces. Recommendation for 2 pax is to order full serving of prawns and 2 servings of scallops.

fresh firm prawns (1/2 serving) @$4.70++
scallops (2 servings) @$10.60++

If one orders just one type of premiumly priced meats, the expected spend per pax is about $30 to $35 per pax.


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