Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen 豚骨火山ラーメン @ Novena Square 2

Located at Level 2 of Novena Square 2. This is one tiny shop.Went during weekday lunch hour and the shop was full but lucky for us, still managed to get a table for 4, fairly quickly.

shop front
tomato based soup volcano ramen

Decided on lunch items rather quickly too. For 4 pax, we ordered 2 volcano ramens and a side order of gyoza.

complimentary hard-boiled eggs (while stocks last!)

Liked the shop decor. Even the ceiling are decorated.

cosy interior

Gyoza was served piping hot. Tiny morsels of minced meat. Spied some gyozas on other table, that were..a little burnt.

yaki gyoza @$5++

When the service crew placed beakers of ramen soup on the table, that's when one knows the volcano is impending!

tomato based (front) and miso (back) based broth

At this juncture, the table space is not enough for the presentation of two volcano ramens!

time's up!

Wait for the service crew to lift away the cover. Then, we're to stir the soup.

Kazan Karamiso @18++

However, pot #2 did not have the volcano effect at all. Probably wasn't hot enough. Taste wise, all my colleagues were rather happy with the slightly tangy,sweetish spicy tomato paste tonkotsu broth of the Kazan Hinomaru Tomato.

Both noodles had similar ingredients in it, such as onions, and cabbage. Karamiso had pork slices, while Hinomaru had one huge whole tomato, capsicum and chili slices. Hard boiled egg was nice with the hot broth, but they do run out of the eggs at times especially during lunch hour as one of the service crew puts it, "The chefs did not have time to cook more eggs!"

One can add rice into the soup after slurping away the noodles. This, we did. So much carb that day!
with rice

This meal costs about $12 per pax and fed a party of 4.


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