Saturday, July 26, 2014

Seasons Bistro New American Restaurant Gastropub @ TripleOne Somerset

Located at 111 Somerset, Orchard. Visited on a weekday evening, and just missed their 1-for-1 Happy Hour which ends at 7pm.

Place was fairly empty, and friend was apprehensive about dining here.

"This place is new. Let's give it a chance." I said. Truth be told, I was pretty much influenced by social media. So many had instagrammed, tweeted and blogged about this place. It was pretty compelling.

Restaurant was rather spacious. Liked the interior with its strong wood and dark furnishing. Wine glasses on the tables, lent a touch of class to the place.

sturdy table

on the streets of NY?

Started with a glass of Chardonnay from Domaine du Nizon, France. First thought? Such a small glass! Guess this was 125ml? Nice colour, slight fruity hint and clean tasting.

Chardonnay @$12++

Tried an appetiser and a main. Its tuna taco is well documented by fellow bloggers.

Seasons Bistro Famous Tuna Taco @$14++
with crispy shallots, avocado mayo, pickled onions

Pickled onions was nice, tangy pungent and sweet. Crispy shallots added that fragrance, and fatty tuna bites were the best. Tasty but didn't wow'ed.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken @$22++

Fried chicken was nicely battered and fried till deep brown. Batter has a kind of herb taste which I didn't like. Ate it with homemade catsup. Preferred catsup over ranch dressing. Succotash is a nice name for dish of corn, peas, red pepper cubes mix. Quite likeable with the cherry tomatoes. Was cleaning out the succotash while my friend wasn't looking.

Portions of food was not enough for the two of us, so added a snack of truffle fries. And, another glass of wine.

truffle fries with pecorino and rosemary sea salt @$7++

Not the best fries, but strangely addictive. Or maybe we were still hungry? Strong truffle smell, and thankfully not too salty. Goes well with the catsup/ketchup.

Hawkes Bay Chardonnay @$15++

Wine was nice when paired with the salty fries.

For desserts, tried their apple and plum pie, served with ice-cream. The (new) service staff that attended to us said it wasn't too sweet. Don't be fooled. It was sweet! Ice-cream was really nice.

seasonal pie - apple and plum pie

The above costs us about $144 in total, before AMEX 15% discount on ala-carte items. Expect to pay about $60 per pax.


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