Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tanabata Festival (七夕) @ Liang Court River Valley

Celebrated once a year on the 7th day of the 7th month, Tanabata is also known as Japanese Star Festival, where two star-crossed lovers separated by the milky way, reunite. The festival was imported to Japan by Empress Kōken (孝謙天皇) and it gained popularity till date. In Japan, people will write on strips of paper and wish for good fortune during this day.

And for the very first time, Liang Court is bringing this cultural festival to Singapore!


At Liang Court, now we too can write our wishes on Tanzaku strips, and hang them on bamboo branches. Hopefully, the celestial lovers could make them come true!

write your wishes
may your wish be granted

For kids, there are fun traditional games specifically shipped in for Japanese Summer Fair by Meidi-Ya Supermarket. For example, Yoyo Fishing, Ball Scooping and 1000 Strings.

mini carnival games area
scoop tiny balls instead of guppies
try your luck with 1000 strings

There's also a showcase of Saga Prefecture rice and vegetables. Saga-gyu I've heard, so today am acquainted with Sagabiyori rice and greens.

Sagabiyori rice
mochi tools
carrots, cabbage (はくさい)
kabocha (カボチャ)

Other than that, there is also a booth by Be Movement Singapore, a social enterprise that amongst others, publishes books and hold fairs to raise awareness of social causes from a global perspective. 

Be Movement's Japan Issue
trinkets handmade by elderly and low income families

If you're at the main Atrium, don't forget to drop by Katana-e Kicho 刀絵帰蝶 by Ms Nalu Miyamoto. She uses the Katana, precision cutting blades, to create intrincate and detailed paper art.

Katanae Art Display and Demonstration by Ms Nalu Miyamoto

Had a chance to chat with Miyamoto-san, and she shared that her creations have background stories, for example Japanese folklore like the Crane Wife (Tsuru Nyōbō).

Tsuru Nyōbō 鶴女房

Like a painting, am appreciative to the fact that the paper pattern was carved out, bit by bit by hand using the small sword. Its final form is such a beauty.
delicate yet with a sense of strength

If you're shopping at Liang Court and spends above $100, then don't miss the opportunity to redeem a Miyamoto-san's creation, while stocks last! She will be in town till 10 July only.


And if you're spending $150 and above ($250 for Meidi-Ya and Audio House) There's also an exclusive couple-set pillows to redeem till 10 Aug.This week's design till 10 July is Cosmic Love.

reuniting on Tanabata

Remember Liang Court Signature Food Trail? Well, it's back!

food trail

Get your coupons for just $40, and use it on Mondays to Thursdays to enjoy a pre-set first meal, and then choose the remaining of the 2 sets from any of the 25 participating outlets. Oh, there's a free beer from Thirsty - Craft Beer Shop, plus choose one quick bite out of 5 choices. Wow.

food trail coupon

Not forgetting, 7 July is also Machicon date. Buy tickets here.

To end the evening, here's a bottle of Thatchers Green Goblin (@$9.70) from Thirsty.



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