Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Spizza @ Balmoral Plaza

Located at Balmoral Plaza, Bukit Timah Road. This outlet is at the corner. Many a times, we turned away because the place was crowded. Tried our luck again on a weekday about 730pm, and it was pretty relaxed.

Sat at its alfresco area where we enjoyed the evening breeze.

outdoor area

Already knew what my dining companion would order and true enough, we had pizza Isabella (parma ham with rocket leaves). Still remembered my first Spizza ala delivery and she ordered this for us as well. A perennial favourite.

For starters, had the calamari.

deep fried calamari @$13++

The spicy 'Pizzaiolo' dip was well...really wasn't spicy. Not at all. It was just tangy. Calamari was tender and the batter was barely seasoned. Liked the big round pieces of the calamari.

For drinks, one shall not resist a 1-for-1 on sparkling wine; Italian prosecco. Quite enjoyable this prosecco. Tiny bubbles and easy to drink.

Val d'Oca Prosecco

Liked the loads of rocket leaves. Pizza crust was not too thick, and best eaten (for me anyways!) folded with the ingredients all rolled up. Salty with some chewyness. Goes quite well with the dry prosecco. Medium sized pizza is 10 inch while large pizza is 12 inch width.

(M) Isabella @$20++

For desserts, we tried the tiramisu. Not too sweet.

tiramisu @$8.50++

Staff were friendly and generous. Gave us enough space between service, hence the overall mood was pretty relaxed.

Expect to pay about $35 per pax for a meal.

There is a credit card promotion for AMEX Platinum, so do enquire as it gives a discount off the total bill (excluding alcoholic drinks).


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