Sunday, July 27, 2014

Platypus Lobster Shack @ China Square Central

Located at Nankin Row of China Square Central. Getting there was a breeze. Took the MRT to Outram, change to North East Line to Chinatown. Alighted and went up to Exit E/F and head towards the direction of Hong Lim Complex.

Am seeking out Platypus Lobster Shack as lobster roll seems popular in Singapore at the moment. Especially since that comparison article in The Straits Times last Sunday. Why Platypus Lobster Shack? Mainly because of its reasonable price point.

signs of good things to come

Not quite sure what's the situation so made a reservation, for just in case. Table for 2 on a weekend evening 630pm.

The place was rather small and cosy. Some tables are set as close as possible, leaning towards communal style dining, but not quite.

not quite share table

Most are here for its lobster rolls, though one may also want to order small plates (I'll share with you why). There's desserts as well.

Got a carafe of Momo-Lychee Ale, which was a simple cocktail of  Mexican beer and peach. It did look different from the ones at Platypus Test Kitchen last year. Not too sure if at Lobster Shack, this drink was supposed to come with the lychee fruit and mint leaves, or just plain naked like the ones we got.

Momo-Lychee Ale @$10++

Nevertheless, it was worth drinking. Sweet, fruity and thirst quenching. Serves 4 small glasses. For non-drinkers, fret not. A bottle of cold water would be placed on your table immediately, upon seated.

drink up, it's water!

How can one not order the Crustacean Bowl? Especially if it comes with a statement that read - Limited to 12 bowls each day. So exciting!

The bowl was served pretty fast, within minutes and what a beauty it was!
crustacean bowl @$26++

caviar, poached lobster, char-grilled cheddar cheese, uni creme, chervil leaves, honey ponzu

One word of advice? Order it as a main! The portion is not alot. It may even be too little for some. 

Shared the plate with my bro and both of us enjoyed this dish. Clean, healthy tasting and the smokey flavour of the grilled cheddar was interesting. Not too much, but enough to tease. The bowl had adequate lobster meat from various parts, and the meatier ones were sweet. Topping it with caviar gave it a luxurious feel. Well, anything with lobster already felt luxurious~

have you seen this guy?

The lobster roll did take quite a while to come. Glad we ordered the rice.

The Traditional @$22++ (set)
grilled buns, oh yes
butter poached lobster meat, roasted garlic mayo, chives and sea salt

The weight of the meat in lobster roll was good. Felt like it was value for money and of substance when held in the palm. The roasted garlic mayo didn't taste quite garlicky though. Overall, The Traditional had a very light taste. As a set, it came with salad leaves and potato chips. Couldn't quite taste the dressing in the salad though. Chips were a mix of spicy and vinegary.

Saw that Nicholas was around, so approached him with a question. Was curious to find know what is the most popular rolls that customers would usually order here.  Got to know from him that most locals seemed to prefer the Spicy Roasted Garlic and The Traditional. Am guessing that for those whom are trying for the first time, will likely get The Traditional. Akin to like, trying the original first? That was what my bro had told me when he made his choice. Thanks Nicholas for the snippet of info, and sorry if my approach was kind of sudden and out of the blue! Oops.

Actually, am much appreciative of all the folks in the food industry. Thanks to you guys, we got to taste good food without having to fly all over the globe. Glad that I finally had an inkling of how lobster rolls would taste like. 

Paid about $34 per pax for this meal.



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