Thursday, May 9, 2013

Uncle's Kitchen @ Bugis Junction

Located at basement of Bugis Junction. It was a weekday evening and was searching for a place to rest and have dinner when chanced upon this open-spaced shop. It's a no frills joint, but still employs friendly service staff to take your orders, serve the food and accept payment. Nice.

table and seats

Does anyone remembers "Tea Shake Hut"? =)

To reminisce, ordered the Uncle's Kitchen Chicken Wing Fried Rice (@$6.90) and a green tea peach (@$3.90) drink.

green tea peach drink
chicken wings fried rice
mixed vege (peas, corn, carrots) and diced luncheon meat

The chicken wings tasted just like last time (probably around 8-9 years ago?) while the fried rice was alright. Spotty with the salt though.

Just so you know, there's really an uncle frying up the dishes!


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