Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pinos Pizza and Pasta @ Wisma Thrifty, Petaling Jaya

Located at a little rundown looking Wisma Thrifty (there's a Courts inside) at Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya, a friend bought us there to try simple Italian food.

And by simple, it means that the menu has only that few items. The mains consist only of pizza and pasta. Just 10 types of pizza and 8 types of pasta. That's it. A no frills joint.

quaint serving dish

For pizza, we tried their Super Special aka "what also have" kind of pizza. It has mozzarella cheese, chicken, capsicum, seafood, pineapple, anchovies and olives.

Super Special Pizza
thin crust

We liked. Not a big pizza, perhaps just nice for two pax, although I suspect a guy could finish this on his own.


Also tried the Carbonara and boy, it was tasty! Yums! The sauce was just right, not too watery, flavourful and noodles well cooked. Best of all, the cream was not overpowering. Polished it up in seconds.

Also tried another pasta dish, the Tony's Special Ala Mama. This has the tomato based sauce, anchovies, chicken sausage, olives and lots of chili padi. Hahaa, my friend had to reach out for her cold drink every now so often!

Prices for the pasta and pizza ranged between RM12 to RM18, if not wrong.


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