Friday, May 24, 2013

Crystal Jade @ Causeway Point Woodlands

Everywhere seemed rather packed on this public holiday and it was difficult to find a restaurant that can accommodate 7 pax with no reservations. Was told of a 30 minutes wait for the first restaurant that we enquired. Fortunately, Crystal Jade managed to get us seated within 2 minutes.

Ordered a pot of pu-er tea while we contemplated on the dishes.

pu-er tea
table for bigger groups
wet towel

Dad wanted to try fried rice, so we got a medium plate to share on top of dishes like tofu, vegetable, pork, chicken and steam rice.

braised pork with preserved vege (梅菜扣肉)

The steel burner not only gleames and shines but it did a great job in heating up the food. So much so that the waitress had to turn off the fire after less than a minute.

don't underestimate the fire
fatty portion was nice

The 梅菜扣肉 dish was not too salty and the ratio of fat to meat was just 1:4. Surprisingly, there wasn't alot of preserved vege in this dish.

Vegetables is a must, so we had spinach stir fried with garlic.

spinach (菠菜)
Loved the greens. Nicely tender and none of that 'old' fibrious texture.

spicy chilies
beancurd dish
chicken with black snow fungus

The fried rice was a tad dry, so the bubbling sauce from the chicken dish made a good companion. The chicken dish tasted quite homely.

Service in general was good. The staff who took our orders would come by repeatedly and ask if we needed to add anymore dishes as she strongly feels that our order was insufficient.


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