Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seoul Yummy @ The Central, Clarke Quay

Located at Level 3 of The Central. Had a late dinner with my niece. First impression of the place? It felt somewhat smallish.

Placed our order and was served with complimentary banchan right after. Liked the anchovies, tofu and kimchi.

kimchi, anchovies, tofu, peanuts, radish and potato

For drinks, I had the Korean pear drink (@$3.90++). The glass was rather slim so one could finish the drink in no time. It tasted kind of familiar. A bit similar to Qoo minus the jelly and substituted with small pear cubes.

Korean pear

My niece wasn't feeling hungry so we ordered small snacks to share.

fried kimchi dumplings (@$6.90++)
closer view
seafood pancake (@$7.90++)

The kimchi dumplings and seafood pancake were disappointing, in terms of size, price and taste.

tender beef (light portion @$9.90++)

The beef was sweetish and nice. This was a smaller portion. The regular ones would costs about six dollars more.

Service was intriguing. The lady who brought out the dishes to our table was sullen looking and deposited the items onto the table disinterestingly.

Dinner for two costs around $38.


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