Sunday, May 12, 2013

Paradise Dynasty @ Lot One Choa Chu Kang (Part II)

Birthday lunch treat from bro, yippee! It's weekend plus Mother's Day celebration, and that meant the queue was about 10-15 minutes wait.

Nevertheless, we got a comfy table and the floor manager/supervisor was apologetic about the longer waiting time. Liked her pro-activeness in offering explanation, and it made us feel valued as customers. Good approach!

tick your orders

Ordered the Paradise Dynasty 4 Flavours Pork Dumplings (those signature colourful xiao long baos), appetiser of beef organ and a prawn fried rice.

spicy beef organ cold dish (@$8.80++)
beef tripe and sliced beef shank

The spicy beef organ cold dish was enjoyable. Lots of heat but shioks.

Prawn Fried Rice with vegetables (@$10.80++)
yummy looking

The fried rice was nice and ample enough to feed two pax comfortably. Purposely chose this prawn fried rice because it has chopped vege bits in it. So pretty!

Dynasty 4 Flavours Pork Dumplings
from top, clockwise: cheese, original, foie gras, crab roe

The colourful xiao long bao's indeed made me want to take a bite into them and to discover how does these exotic flavours tasted like.

I would not have been able to imagine how does a cheese xiao long bao is suppose to taste like. Could you?

cheese pork dumpling
cheesy strand

insides of cheese xiao long bao

Actually the cheese dumpling tasted like the regular xiao long bao, with just that tiny bit of cheese inside. It's like 98% pork dumpling original taste with 2% cheese hint.

The foie gras was somewhat indecipherable. It's definitely different tasting but it also doesn't seem to taste nor smell like the foie gras that we know.

crab roe pork dumpling

So the curiosity for these exotic flavoured xiao long baos were finally put to rest with this visit.
The service here, in overall was quite good. Tea was topped up without us having to ask for it. A meal for two would typically cost around $20 per pax.


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