Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seafood Mix Bento (Autumn Hokkaido Fair 2012) @ Takashimaya

Located at Food Hall, Level B2 of Takashimaya Department Store, as part of the Autumn Hokkaido Fair 2012.

The main ingredients seemed to be crab meat, ikura and uni (sea urchin). Bought a Seafood Mix Bento (@$27) set to try. Was rather dissappointed that the bento wasn't wrapped with an external paper like those ekibens.

origin information

Seafood Mix Bento

It came with pre-packed wasabi, that was kind of interesting. Most striking was the picture of a mountain/volcano on its packaging. According to Kinjirushi website, its prepared packet wasabi was released in 1972.

Kinjirushi frozen wasabi packet
Kinjirushi wasabi

The taste of the wasabi is in between of a fresh grated wasabi and those artificial ones.

This Seafood Mix Bento has the most variety of ingredients. Uni, ikura, tobiko, salmon, shellfish, pickled vege, crab shreds, and ebi. Never a dull moment.

unknown item (probably fish roe?)
pickled vege

 The rice was tasty and adequately vinagered. Yummy.

rice made even tastier with plentiful of ingredients

 A quick search on the internet on Asahikawa ekiben, and one can see the closest match to this bento.

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  1. Seafood Mix for the fresh seafood lovers. The fresh seawater fish is best option for healtier diet


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