Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bronte @ Greenwood Avenue

Located at 8 Greenwood Avenue, along the stretch of many other restaurants. Walked in on a Friday evening sans reservation at about 8+pm, and it had looked as though we couldn't get a table but alas, the friendly staff managed to find us one. Kudos to them.

we were here

My friend had a desire for risotto and Bronte has it. In fact, its menu has only one risotto dish, which is the risotto of the day. Ahhh.. a surprise risotto? And, the risotto for that night was "Mushroom Risotto with Truffle". Did our server mentioned truffle or truffle oil? Either way, we're having it.

While waiting for our mains to arrive, complimentary bread was served.

warm bread
for our dipping pleasure

Warm soft bread, with a nice crust. Good to line the hungry tum tums.


The risotto's arrival was preceeded by the nice truffle accented smell.

mushroom risotto with truffle (oil)
closer view of risotto

The texture of the rice was quite likeable. Not undercooked and not too soft. Also liked that it was served piping hot. Was happy with the chopped greens (was it asparagus?) that provided a nice crunch and sweetness to the rice. Nicely fragrant and just about the right amount of starchiness.


Feeling carnivorous (as always), we also opted for a meat dish. The braised beef cheeks. Served with mash, spinach, mushrooms and red wine jus.

braised beef cheeks
can't wait to sink our teeth into this one

The braised beef cheeks was a good sized meat, served ontop a bed of spinach and mash, with mushrooms. Mash was nicely creamy, and the spinach was soft and tasty but albeit a little bitter sometimes. But the star, undeniably, was the fork tender beef. My friend commented that the sauce for the beef cheeks was a tad too salty though.
gorgeous meat

The prices for mains are between twenty-ish towards the higher range of thirty-ish to forty-ish (especially for meats like beef).

Enjoyable food with good portions.


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