Thursday, October 11, 2012

Joli Creer (Autumn Hokkaido Fair) @ Takashimaya

Puddings. Had wanted to get the one that was advertised in the Takashimaya flyer, but it was very small and pricey. So got these from Joli Creer instead. Each bottle was about 70gms in weight and costs $6 each.

puddings from Joli Creer

green tea flavour

looks abit like tofu

soft and nice

The green tea flavour was rather intense. The deeper the spoon goes, the dryer and more intense the green tea flavour was.

drying up

The tiramisu one was interesting.

tiramisu, with plastic spoon

coffee jelly

wobbly soft, almost mousse-like

The tiramisu pudding basically has a coffee jelly ontop and the usual soft pudding for its body. All the way down of the bottle towards the bottom, there's a thin layer of cake.

cake in the pudding

My bro had the rea-chizu (real cheese?) bottle, so didn't have any pictures of that one.


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