Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ryugetsu Sanpouroku 柳月三方六 (Autumn Hokkaido Fair) @ Takashimaya

This baumkuchen can be found near the cashier (same location as Ishiya chocolate) at the Autumn Hokkaido Fair in Takashimaya.

Am still not quite sure what possessed me to buy this. Hahaa!

sanpouroku (@$14 per box) wrapped
same design as the wrapping paper

This could make a good gift, as it was wrapped ever so nicely. Sampled all three flavours; original, chocolate and maple, and personally felt that maple has a more interesting taste.

resting on its own plastic tray
many many layers

Liked that the cake has already been pre-sliced. Just needed to take it out of its plastic wrapping and simply enjoy.

single slice

The outer most layer was coated with chocolate that was thankfully, not too sweet. The inner cake layers were nicely soft and not too dry. The cake has a nice mapley fragrance.


There was a 10% discount for Sanpouroku when payment is made via Takashimaya credit card. Here's a link to Ryugetsu website, if you're interested.



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