Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gyoza No Tetsujin @ ION Orchard

Located at B4-88/89 ION Orchard. This is a small kiosk with limited seats inside the stall. There were 3 people manning the stall, and mostly preparing the uncook gyozas.

seats facing the wall

They have ramen and gyoza combo which totals up to less than $10. I ordered just the gyoza (6 pieces for $4.80) to try. The inside of the shop is kinda small, and it was empty save for 2 Japanese customers having their dinner with canned beers. The shop probably can seat a max of 6 customers.

The decor of the shop is functional, and its wall is adorned with black and white photographs of gyoza preparation. Some Japanese programme on food is projected onto its bare wall, so that'll be entertainment while waiting for the gyoza to arrive.

clear yellow colored vinegar


The gyozas are not very big, and can finish one in one bite. Of course don't put the whole thing into your mouth right after being served! 'Coz that'll be piping hot! It's salty enough so no need to dip in soya sauce. I liked it with the vinegar. Not too sour, just right to give it a little tang.

pork and cabbage fillings

soft minced pork

It was a fuss free dinner, and done in a jiffy. But you will need some 5-7 minutes to wait for the gyoza to be cooked. While I was eating, there were a few customers who came to order take-away.


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