Sunday, August 29, 2010

C.Nai Cafe Express @ East Coast Park

Went there on a Saturday evening. There are other eateries nearby as well.

shop exterior

menu (looked worn out)

The cushion seats that I got, was very dirty looking. But the table looked clean enough...

condiments typical of Chinese restaurants/cafes


Typical of most cha chan teng in Singapore, just write the number on the order chit, and pass it to the staff. They'll key in the order, and then you wait for the food to come.

part of our order

My friend absent-mindedly forgot to ask the server to serve the dessert later. So that was the first item that arrived on our table.

dessert of fuchook and gingko

can see the gingko?

lemon coke

lamb chop, with cucumber salad, mint gel and mashed potato

claypot beef brisket, with daikon and spring onions

tender beef

Noticed that the serving is not very big for the main dishes. I was most intrigued by that blob of white cream on the lamb chop plate, that turned out to be mashed potato. The lamb chop came with a bit of chewy skin that was hard to bite. Otherwise, the meat was well marinated and retains its lamby smell. The claypot came piping hot, so do be careful when tucking in. The daikon was soft and has absorbed the sauce. The beef brisket was tender and soft. The fatty part was the best! But that also means, this dish is quite oily!

There are live band performances at certain timings. So, that'll be extra entertainment. Otherwise, the place seemed popular with young crowd or families.

This meal for 2 costs slightly above SGD$30. Saw a few tables ordered the deep fried squid. Maybe that's nice?


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