Friday, August 20, 2010

Mayim @ West Mall

It's located at Level 2 of West Mall, Bukit Batok. Can't miss the bright red signboard. Serves typical Chinese food, and if you're early (like before 5pm), there're an assortment of dim sums and porridge available as well.

typical table setting

various condiments

One fun thing is that the tea cups on the same table usually differs from diner to diner.

tea cups in assorted shapes and sizes

The restaurant is very very noisy, with boisterous crowds during dinner. Tea is served from pot and prices ranges from $1 to $1.80 per head. If two diners order the same tea, you'll be given just one teapot but with the option to change/add tea leaves and unlimited refills of water.

As for the food, usually we'll order a couple of dishes to go along with rice.

appetiser - jelly fish with carrots, cucumber and mushrooms

spinach with mushrooms and edamame

the orange blob is not egg, it's tomato

trotters in ginger vinegar sauce


The pig trotters in ginger vinegar sauce (猪脚醋) is the de-facto dish that we always order. Probably because everyone in the family likes it! The sauce is nice and goes well with a bowl of white rice.

white rice

chicken in wine sauce with half-cooked yolk

the yolk has been mixed into the sauce

yummy fats that doesn't feel oily

firm juicy chicken

The chicken dish that we had, looked ordinary but tasted good! The chicken was cut up in chunky pieces (but watch out for the bones), deep fried and later cooked in sauce. The meat was firm yet juicy and flavourful.

Chinese cooking tend to be heavy on salt, so wash it down with a pot of tea.

jasmine with rose buds

pretty flowers in my teapot

drink it up!


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