Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Pinch of Salt @ Katong

Some say it is the old Ms Clarity Cafe. Well, I've no idea since Katong is really out of the way for a MRT traveller like me. Someone suggested to try this joint, and transportation is available, so why not.

It was 820pm when we reached and parked at this dimly lit carpark.

carpark view

looking in from the outerside

The cafe was about 80% full, but we were in a party of 5, so they told us to wait for a group that was leaving. And they will clear the table for us. So we sat outside, and pored over the menu.


We felt like the forgotten child. No one updated us on the status of our table, no one came to take orders, and no one offered us even a glass of water...

We finally got a table and ordered our food at 9pm....

maybe this is disclaimer to thwart unhappy customers?

it took them 20 minutes to clear a table...

drawings on table

half full or half empty?

farm yard

root beer float

pan seared dory (which was super salty! so at your own risks!)

chicken cordon bleu

bacon and sausage baked rice

bread and butter pudding

Some of their dishes looked quite good, for example the escargots from other people's table, the giant chicken leg but a word of caution is do not expect too much out of the food or the service. We've seen at least 1 chicken leg sent back to the kitchen because it wasn't cooked properly at certain parts, and our own pan-seared fish dory (2 plates) were overly salty. The drink that came with the set meal, is so diluted you'd wonder whether it was really fruit punch.


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