Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yokozuna @ Liang Seah Street

Lots of new* restaurants have sprout out along Liang Seah Street, hence decided it is time to pay a visit. Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant is situated towards nearing the end of the street.

Visited on a Sunday at about 650pm, and the restaurant is just about one-third filled. Stark contrast as compared to an earlier Friday that I walked past, where the restaurant was operating at full-house capacity. Nevertheless, we were greeted by cheerful wait-staff, and was immediately guided to our seats by the window.

window view

Dark wooden furniture and soft lightings lend a cosy atmosphere. However, the seating area requires patrons to take off their shoes and do some minor stretch of the limb to climb over the seat (bench) and rest the feet under the table. So girls with mini-skirts.. take care.

interesting motif on the plate

i liked this one, so chose this to use

The menu has the usual suspects of sushis, and dons, fried stuffs, sashimis etc. We ordered a san ten, sashimi ($35 ~ about 22 pieces), and unagi don. Green tea is $2 per cup/glass and refillable.

We were each served a complimentary cold appetiser. Nice gesture from a restaurant.

cold appetiser - tuna mayo with sweet corn + zucchini

The san-ten was good. We liked the avocado seafood ball very much! It was soft, flavorful and simply yums.

san ten - trio of tuna tataki, avocado seafood ball, salmon aburi

tuna tataki

avocado seafood ball

inside of avocado seafood

salmon aburi

It was unfortunate that we didn't get hamachi in the sashimi as their shipment hadn't arrived. Hence, the chef replaced it with tai. Only 2-3 pieces of tai. So even if there's hamachi, I suppose it's still going to be just 2-3 pieces.. =(

sashimi - sake, maguro, tako, hotate and tai

The scallops were sweet, and the roe added a bit of crunch to the soft texture.

hotate (scallops)

Didn't care very much for the tako, but it was quite refreshing to eat it together with a piece of lemon. Zesty~

tako (octopus)

tai, salmon and tuna

The unagi don was pretty run of the mill and quite ordinary. Perhaps comfort food for some.

unagi don

Total bill costs about $70 for 2 pax.


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