Saturday, May 20, 2017

[Media Invite] Inaniwa Yosuke 稲庭養助 x J Passport @ Japan Food Town Wisma Atria

Had visited Inaniwa Yosuke prior for drinks and snacks. This time round, had the opportunity to try their Spring Lunch Fair which sees shops in Japan Food Town offering one or two Spring-season dishes at $11.80++. The Japan Food Town Spring Lunch Fair runs till 21st May (Sunday). Inaniwa Yosuke Spring Lunch Fair dishes are Sakura Ebi & Negi Barakakiage and Vegetable Barakakiage Udon (Hot/Cold) at $11.80++ each.


Inaniwa Yosuke has been serving handmade soba with a recipe that has been around since 1665. This labour intensive udon which takes about 4 days and made only in small batches, was only served to the Imperial family. In 1860, Inaniwa udon finally was made available to public.

udon making posters on the wall
Lunch crowd will start coming in at about 1215pm on a weekday. Customers are greeted upon entering and leaving the restaurant. My lunch pick for the day was Sakura Ebi & Negi Barakakiage. Added an order for prawn tempura.

Sakura Ebi & Negi Barakakiage (@$11.80++)
closer view of the udon

Opted for the cold noodles and the udon sauce was served separately. Just pour in the amount desired. Not to worry if you'd like to pour the whole bottle as it was flavoured mildly. The noodles were firm and easy to slurp. The sakura ebi and spring onions fritters were freshly fried upon order. Same as the tempura. The spring onions added a delicate fragrance to the dish. There's a small dish of sliced onions with a dollop of wasabi for that little bit of flavour lifting.

wasabi and onions

prawn tempura (3 pieces @$14++)

The prawn tempura was medium sized, well-fried and its batter remained crisp. However, the prawn was a tad overcooked. It was quite a filling lunch.

Thank you JPassport and Inaniwa Yosuke for the invitation to try the Spring Lunch Fair udon.

Click on this link for more information on Inaniwa Yosuke.


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