Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tunglok Teahouse @ Far East Square

I have been to Tunglok Teahouse at Novena before but this was the first time heading towards the outlet at Far East Square. And, it was so hard to find. A tip is to head towards the Evolve gym and head towards the yellow signage of the renovation walls and turn left.

A celebratory dinner occassion with the foodie gang, we chose to have ala-carte dinner buffet Chinese-style. Endless flow of dim sums, cooked food, fried fish and what not. Our table was filled to its edges in no time! Can you imagine that we ordered 38 dishes?! Am amazed.

full house and not all our food had arrived

The food arrives pretty quickly and this outlet seemed to have lesser patrons than it Novena counterpart. We had fish skin, fried prawn rolls, steamed pork ribs, char siew bao, chicken feet, siew mai, carrot cake and fried prawn dumplings for dim sum. All were pretty good. Then, we had two claypot items which were basically vegetables in soup. The one with nam yee soup was rather nice but nothing to shout about.

prawn rolls
carrot cake

The carrot cake flavour was nice but it was a tad too soft though. Some might feel that the radish flavour was not strong enough in Tunglok's version.

deep fried fish

A must order would be the deep fried fish.  Smallish but tasty. On the other hand, the steamed tilapia was too muddy though. It was the least liked item. We also had jelly fish, oats prawns and soya prawns. Decent but can be better. The stir fried french beans was enjoyable.

蒜泥白肉 - garlic pork
cabbage  nam yee claypot
stir fried french beans

The braised pork belly and beef brisket were good too. The portion was pretty generous. The meat was temder but still retained a bite.

braised beef brisket and pork belly
soy sauce prawns

There's a smoke duck with crepe wrap. Something like Peking duck but this one uses the smoked meat instead.

smoked duck pancake

There were also special items where it can only be ordered once. The shark fin soup and the chili crab.

shark fin soup (one time order)
chili crab (one time order)
The only item that we ordered again, was the fried fish skin. Was too full from barely finishing all the food that we ordered.

Thank you Kris, Justin, Ivan, Elle, Jennifer, Hence, Tracy and Tiara for the wonderful company and the dinner treat! Love you guys!


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