Monday, May 1, 2017

Joo Bar @ Tan Quee Lan Street

It was a ladies meet-up session and the place of choice was Joo Bar. Conveniently located at Tan Quee Lan Street and accessible via the Downtown line. Reservation was made and we made our way there separately. This place serves Korean-styled dishes and brews. Expect tapas sized servings though.

Joo Bar signage
The place was rather busy and our reserved place was at Level 2. Joo Bar is a cosy place with rather dim lightings.

seats at Level 2

As it was still happy hour, we ordered a Joo Beer and Joo Brew for $10++ each. The makgeolli was very nice. The beer was refreshing on the warm night.

Brew and Beer - happy hour
 For food, we ordered some anju (안주) or drinking snacks such as the Kimcheese pancake, Honey Butter Chicken, pork belly and the army stew.

Kimcheese Bacon Pancake @$22++
Honey Butter Chicken @$16++
The honey butter chicken was a wrong order as the Korean waiter had ordered his favourite instead of what we wanted, which was the dak gan jung or spicy chicken.

We were rather surprised by the Army Stew as it was of the smallest size that we've ever seen. Think it was meant for one or two pax. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the rich broth that's robust and spicy.

Army Stew @$24++

Also ordered some meat to share. The Slow Roasted Mangalitsa Pork Belly was nice and tender but nothing to shout about. The side salad was rather enjoyable though. Maybe order the chicken wings next time? Saw the table next to us had it and it looked delicious.

Slow Roasted Mangalitsa Pork Belly @$25++

Overall, we had fun at Joo Bar. The drinks made us happy and the food was decent.


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