Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tetsuemon てつえもん JR Nagoya Station

Funny how I had compiled a list of restaurants with food to eat before the trip and once there, it was all discarded. Yup, decided to be lazy and just eat around the hotel area or the station area.

But I had a clear idea of what to eat. For Nagoya, that would be hitsumabushi, oyakodon and tebasaki. So we did the grilled eel earlier that day, hence for dinner, we went to the basement food street and found a shop that has oyakodon and tebasaki (and drinks..but that's irrelevant).


I wasn't feeling very hungry so shared the chicken wings with friend who was having the set with oyakodon. Imagine my disbelief when he said he hasn't tried any oyakodon before. I mean, how was that even possible!? Hmm, but I guess it is somewhat possible even in food haven like Singapore.


The chicken wings were nice but they were just fried wings. Think we got the wrong Nagoya wings. Hmm.

But anyways, I ordered a Chita highball. Feeling thirsty after visiting Nagoya Castle earlier that day.

Chita Highball with yuzu @ ¥510

And ordered some yakitori to go along with the drinks. Unfortunately, they ran out of hearts. Never mind, liver will do as well.

pork belly skewer
momo and reba

Tetsuemon てつえもん

Location: JR Nagoya Station Nagoya umaimon street, 1-1-4, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 450-0002
Contact: 052-589-1255 (+81-52-589-1255) 
Business Hours
Lunch, Open on Sundays



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