Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ramen Hiwamatanoburo ラー麺 陽はまた昇る @ Fushimi Inari Station Kyoto 京都 伏見稲荷

Had chosen to stay at Airbnb while in Kyoto as the price was more affordable in comparison with a hotel. Arrived around 430pm and explored our accommodation a bit before venturing out to find food. Luckily, I suggested to eat nearby and we walked up and down that area for a while before deciding on ramen.


Slide open the door to reveal a small cosy ramen shop. Think the staff was a tad too busy to entertain us so we just figured out what we needed to do.

Saw a small vending machine, so instinctively that'll be where we purchase our meal ticket. Ok, was feeling adventurous so had chosen one that had no picture. Item number two on the first row.

choose your dish
Just sit where you like and wait for your ramen to be served.

Chef at work
table seat
Niboshi Tori Tonkotsu Ramen ¥780
handmade noodles
thin, tender chashiu
Loved the ramen there. The soup was strongly flavoured and thick but yet slurpilicious. Friend thought it was a tad too salty but I thought it was just fine. The chashiu was of the thin, almost ham-like and so tender. Lava egg cannot be faulted. Delicious!

If you're ever there, don't forget to order the tori karaage. It looked so good!

Ramen Hiwamatanoburo

Location: 38-15, Fukakusa Ichinotsubocho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, 612-0012
Contact: +81 75-642-5705
Business Hours:
Closed on Thursdays and the second Wednesday of each month


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