Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kendonya 手打うどん けんどん屋 @ Fushimi Inari Station Kyoto

Again, our instinct of trying out the foodshops near our Inari House paid off well. This time round, we wandered into Kendonya, an udon noodle house. This shop was more spacious as compared to Ramen Hiwamatanoburo which is just a few doors away.

counter seats and Chef
Most of the sets came with carb-on-carb, meaning you'll get a bowl of udon and a bowl of rice. Tourist friendly and English menu is available. The shop's bestseller seemed to be their pork cutlet sets. Bucking the norm, we decided to choose something else.

I went with my karaage set (minus the rice) and my friend opted for the udon and oyakodon set. Both are priced below ¥1000.

draft beer

It was rather late at night, close to 830pm when we dined there plus it was drizzling, so there were only one or two tables occupied.

favourite condiments in Kyoto
Mini chicken and egg rice bowl with hot udon @¥860+
Hot udon with karaage set @¥980+
The mini oyakodon here looked good, especially when eaten while it was still hot!

mini 親子丼

The owner had been making udon since his 20's and he ventured out and became his own boss in his thirties. Handmade udon, we loved! The udon served at Kendonya is of the plump and chewy variant. Slurpiliciously good! Because it was a cold day, we chose the hot broth version. Otherwise, one could also have it as chilled udon.

While the star is the udon, must mention that the karaage was very good too! The menu mentioned that this is different from American-styled fried chicken which made me thought of how to describe the taste of Japanese fried chicken to our foreign friends?


The karaage was well-fried to a crisp skin and still moist and juicy on its insides. The meat was marinated adequately and each bite was thoroughly enjoyed. Though its size is not comparable to the one from its neighbour, I didn't regret ordering this. Plus, fried chicken and ice cold draft beer...need I say more?

Kendonya 手打うどん けんどん屋

LocationJapan, 〒612-0012 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Fushimi Ward, Fukakusa Ichinotsubocho, 41, パールハイツイナリ1F
Contact: +81 75-641-1330
Business Hours:
11:00~15:00 (lunch)
17:00~20:30 (dinner)
Close on Wednesdays and one extra day off a month.


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