Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Arteastiq Boutique Tea House @ Mandarin Gallery

Wanted to have a quiet dinner in town, and happened to see Arteastiq listed in The Entertainer App. Reservation is recommended, especially during Friday and Saturday evenings. Moreover, am quite curious to taste what Chef Benson had crafted for Arteastiq together with Chefs Jason Vito and Jack Tan.


next door Arteastiq Art Jam
nice lighting

The place was rather dark, and not as chi-chi as anticipated. On the night of visit, there seemed to be only 2 service staff around. 

Started with a snack of sweet potato fries. Pretty well fried and rather addictive.

Sweet Potato Fries @$12++

The Lychee Tea looked good, and we ordered both hot and cold versions of it. Quite interesting. The hot version had a lighter taste as compared to the slightly sweeter cold version.  Liked the cold lychee tea better for an instant refreshing taste.

Hot Lychee Tea @$11++
Cold Lychee Tea @$11++
close up view

 For food, we ordered plenty to share. From the "Ladies Affair" section of the menu, we had the crabcake egg benny and Louisiana Love-Chicken and Waffles. From the "Gentlemans Dinner" section, we ordered The French Connection - Striploin.

To be honest, was quite disappointed when the crabcake eggs benedict arrived. The maryland crabcake itself was rather thin, and unusual as it was not browned to a crisp exterior. The paprika hollandaise sauce was thick, creamy and savoury but slightly reminiscent of curry? But the poached egg had some translucent parts still, and was reminded of the yakun-type softboiled eggs instead.

Aphrodite-Crabcake Benedict @$25++

Louisiana Love-Chicken Waffles @$22++

The Louisiana Love-Chicken Waffles was decent, and the waffle was interesting to eat with the maple butter. Loved the tangy slaw.

The French Connection-Striploin @$30++

The striploin was served with a poached egg with hollandaise sauce, and sweet potato fries. Actually, didn't quite know what to do with the poached egg.

Do we pour the egg over the steak?
Do we dip the fries into the egg?
Do we dip the meat into the egg?

Asked one of the service staff, and he mentioned that it can be used as a dip for the sweet potato fries. Dug into the depth of the poached egg bowl and discovered similar hollandaise sauce as the crabcake benny.

dip the sweet potato fries into the egg
striploin - medium rare

Expect to spend about $27 to $45 per pax.

Arteastiq Boutique Tea House

Location: Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15 333 and Plaza Singapura #03-70/72 Singapore
Website: http://www.arteastiq.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArteastiqSingapore


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