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Montana Singapore @ POMO Selegie

The walk from Plaza Singapura to POMO took about 8 minutes. At POMO, take the escalator up till you see The Clan restaurant. Montana is nearby The Clan and a dance studio. I think I had been here before but that space was occupied by another restaurant previously. The trip to Montana was for an invited tasting session with fellow bloggers.

Liked the decor of the place. Dark colours with nice lightings. However, the space could get quite warm since the air from outside flows freely into the cafe and vice-versa. At such a times, a cold drink was very much needed. Montana's cold brew is served in a beaker, pretty much like those found in chemical lab.

On that night, we were privileged to be one of the first few to try their new yuzu infused coconut cold brew. This brew was created for those whom dislike the strong taste of coffee and prefers something that's lighter and more fruity.

Yuzu infused Coconut Cold Brew @$6.50+
let's have a shot at this
Would say that the taste was interesting. There was a strong presence of yuzu flavour, a sourish aftertaste and a light undertone of coffee. Three components that one could taste quite distinctly.

Flat White 7oz @$5+
On a hot night, my choice drink was the Cold Shaken Mocha. Satisfying.

Cold Shaken Mocha @$5+

For food, they do a variation of savoury waffles as well as sweet desserts waffles. You might have already seen/tasted/heard about their black velvet waffles. Was getting hungry, so savoury waffles were very much welcomed!

Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffle @$12+

The Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffle is the Montana original signature waffle. The jalapeno mac & cheese were embedded inside the waffle or what they termed as 'waffle-ised'. Soft waffle, slight pickled tang from the jalapeno and lovely tomato relish to dip. Yums.

the insides

Next, the one and only, Assam Crab Waffle. Sounded exotic, right? Definitely must be eaten with the thick sauce. Tasting the sauce alone, I thought it was quite close to the thousand island variant. Piled some of those crab meat, diced cucumber and pineapple onto the waffle, add a dollop of that sauce and indeed, the assam laksa flavour became more apparent. Thought it was Penang assam laksa, but this was revealed to be incorrect as the dish was inspired by the Kedah laksa. Aiya, same same but different.

Assam Crab Waffle @$18+

The Korean wave has been inflicted onto waffle as well. Ever tried Bulgogi Beef Waffle? It was pretty interesting as inside the waffle, there was gochujang rice as well. Carb on carb?! Beef was tender as it was done sous vide style. The menu stated bonito flakes, but I don't think there was any on the version that we had.

Bulgogi Beef Waffle @$16+

Then came the pastas. The Vodka Crab Penne and the Truffle Oil Spaghetti. The shredded crab meat in the penne was enjoyable but the penne was a tad too al-dente for me.

Vodka Crab Penne @$16+
Truffle Oil Spaghetti with mushrooms, sunny side up Egg @$16+

Personally, am more inclined towards the truffle oil spaghetti. The noodle strands were well coated with creaminess and perfumed with truffle oil. The mushroom flavour was just lovely.

After which, a sampling from South Bronx was brought up.

it's South Bronx, yo

Surprised? Well, Montana connects two other spaces; Fabulous + Dough (inner section of Montana, opening this weekend) and South Bronx Burgers located at Level 1. Fancy having doughnuts or burgers with your coffee? Well, soon you can.

South Bronx Burgers: Southern Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce @$8+, Mac Deli Burger @$16+ and Original Rump Shaker @$16+

The wings were fried to a deep brown and crispy skins. However, perhaps it had enjoyed a tad too long of its oil bath in the fryer, resulting in slightly tougher meat.

The burger patties were homemade with its own house ratio of meat and fats. The soft potato buns were baked in-house as well. The burgers were served with triple fries consisting of shoestring, crinkle and spiral.

homemade beef patty

How about drinks and you don't mean the coffee nor tea kind? Oh why, I thought you'd never ask! Actually, Montana has Australian beer in its menu.

Yenda IPA and Yenda Pale
Or, explore the variety of craft beers downstairs at South Bronx. Beer price ranges from $11+ to $13+.

Belgian, Spanish and Japanese

Opened two bottles to try. The Kinshachi Nagoya Red Miso Lager and the Pater Lieven Bruin Belgian Ale. Miso beer tasted similar to Kilkenny. Smooth and with that metallic tang, slightly bitter finish. The Belgian Ale looked dark like a stout but tasted light and malty. Personal preference to the Belgian beer.

Red Miso Lager
Belgian Ale

Ended with some doughnuts. Presented hot from the ovens of Fabulous + Dough. Fairly large sized doughnuts that are roughly the size of a man's fist. Tried the Dark Chocolate with Apple Cider Salted Caramel, Green Tea Yuzu and Apple Berry with Cream Cheese. The Green Tea doughnut was the sweetest of the lot. Preferred the Dark Chocolate doughnut for its just-nice sweetness.

Dark Chocolate Caramel @$5.50+
Apple Berry with Cream Cheese @$5.50+

Thank you Montana for having us, the friendly crew for taking care of us and Jen for the invite.

Montana Singapore

Location: #01-04, POMO, 1 Selegie Rd, 188306

Contact: +65 98331790


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